Insomnia and Drowsiness

Insomnia in the second half of pregnancy is common, as in the first – drowsiness and a constant desire to lie down. Hormonal alteration of the first months, when the amount of progesterone in the blood increases, lulls women in the literal sense of the word, which creates problems at work because the focus is very difficult. The woman is ready to sleep, his head in his hands, but since this is impossible, it is often there as in a light trance, daydream. Until it is not immediately be reached that turning it to her, and the meaning of what was said, too, gets to the brain with a delay. Returning home, she wants only one thing – to fall or lie down, and a reminder about dinner can cause real tears. Problems with falling asleep usually does not arise any day (if such a possibility exists), or in the evening.

Before the decree, the woman still has to work, can begin insomnia – especially in the morning when getting up in the toilet, woman can not go back to sleep. Pushing the child too is not conducive to sleep. Approximation of an alarm clock unnerving, and triggered an alarm clock, it seems, literally at the same moment when the mother finally fell asleep. Even Considering breakfast hastily and scored five minutes of sleep, get up and sleepy all day long to stay in poor spirits, knowing that the night waiting for the same. Yes, and went out on maternity leave when you can not hurry to work in the mornings and not get up in the alarm clock (especially if the husband agrees to absorb the breakfast alone, or even have breakfast in a cafe), especially not sleep enough: added difficulty falling asleep.

The Announcement

Normally the announcement of such a parents' meeting posted on the doors of the school. For more specific information, check out James A. Levine, M.D.. Carefully look at your baby. – It is your pride and joy, your parents' expectations. But at the same time – this is a personality that has its own character and habits (which are not always pleased with you) vision of the world. And as if we may be painful and annoying errors for my own child – it's his life. We have the right to offer any of its sides, but not impose.

When choosing a school, consider whether it would be the kid to keep up with classmates do not seem to see, for example, study subjects at an elevated level, it is very difficult. PCRM often expresses his thoughts on the topic. And if it does, your choice in favor of schools offering specialized subjects, find the strength for the daily care of homework, clear organization of work and rest of the child, performance tips and recommendations for further training of teachers and the development of speech under the guidance of a speech therapist. Training in first grade in most cases occurs on the basis of the kindergarten or rooms equipped for study, play and nap. As health requirements children 6 years old must sleep during the day. It's not like it at times by the first graders and Initially it is difficult to explain to your child why he was doing in school, and goes back to kindergarten. That it is not surprising for a child it is better to tell your child about his new mode of the day, to remember the history of his childhood. But it is necessary to emphasize that only the first class located in the premises of the kindergarten, but it's a real school. Other things to remember student parents? From the first days of training for children is very important create a situation of success.


Choose a bright wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern (or not) – images of animals or "cartoon" characters at first attract the attention of the child, but after some time will tire him. Revive the bright colors will help children color the details: green (the color is soothing, so it is especially appropriate in the bedroom area), yellow and orange (they will lift the mood of crumbs). And here is purple, dark blue and crimson colors in general are not suitable for the baby room, they oppress and cause anxiety. While a newborn a cozy nest crumb is still small and requires attention to himself all day and night, many parents prefer to baby crib set in their bedroom to quickly respond to his call. Pediatricians endorse such a decision: for the kids close proximity to mom and dad is very beneficial.

Children who sleep in the same room with parents rarely awake at night and generally behave more calmly. Adults have time to "catch" his child crying and immediately implement what he asked for, sometimes without even giving him a wake up completely. Moreover, if Cot little stands right in the bedroom, the parents more comfortable sharing the night taking care of the kid for two. Senator Elizabeth Warren: the source for more info. But, of course, if the many (and pretty loud!) Sounds, which publishes the child at night, do not give parents bed, crib is better to put in another room, leaving the door open and turn on "baby monitor". Scarce could easily share a room with their parents until until he was 5-6 months.


To take its son to take a walk in the car can very be pleasant, however you cannot forget yourself always to place its son in cadeirinha of baby in accordance with the age and weight of the child. But child in the car is always dirt reason, after all they are always eating some thing and leaving the food to fall for all the sides. With this, cadeirinhas of baby costumam to be very dirty, on account of these remaining portions of food that the child leaves to fall even though on it or, depending on the age of its son, the dirty hands of food or the street who pass on cadeirinha. This can cause to the appearance and accumulation of fungos and bacteria that its son can lean and lead until the mouth and finish there passing badly. clearly that we on account do not want our sick son of an incautiousness, so that its son not pass badly, is necessary you to give attention in some things: The hygienic cleaning of cadeirinha in day leaves; It cleans it at least of six in six months; It washes cadeirinha with water and are neutral, can the same be used soap stops to wash the clothes of its baby, those of glycerin; It does not use products as alvejantes, disinfecting or any another product that can be toxic for its son. We recommend that the cleanness is made to each six months because to transfer much time the dirt can be impregnated in the fabric and not to leave more, making you to appeal to the use of stronger and toxic products, what it can not be a good option.

Yoga For Kids

Support the health of the child to develop in him the flexibility and endurance, the ability to focus, you need early in life, why was developed by children's version of yoga, taking into account the physical, physiological and psychological characteristics of the child. Asanas – yoga postures to develop coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance. They are good for children. Not all of the asanas are easy to perform, so they help the child develop will power, sensitivity, and learn a lot about yourself. These interesting exercises strengthen the muscles, making them more resilient, and develop the joints, making movement of the child nice and pliable, and in addition, strengthen internal organs and improve health.

Especially useful for yoga students of primary and secondary classes, because this is the age laid the foundations of children's health. Yoga helps develop flexibility, good posture and coordination of movement and subsequently avoid these common diseases of the spine as scoliosis. In addition, increased resistance to various diseases and strengthens the body. Yoga for children is also excellent means of relaxation. It gives children an outlet for the natural activity, so it is especially useful for unstable, nervous, not knowing how to focus, inattentive children. It is proved that the students involved yoga more disciplined, better learning and less tired.

In adolescence, yoga can help to overcome self-doubt and find physical and emotional balance. Classes will contribute to the development calm and concentration, and dynamic posture and exercise power complexes will allow young people to keep fit while improving self-esteem and cope with the stresses of everyday life. Yet, despite the great differences in methods of teaching yoga to all age groups, the general principle for them is the dynamism and diversity. Yoga asanas to combine with dynamic games. From the side it may seem that children just run, jump and play, just for taking some time static posture, but in reality is a complex exercise gives a positive effect: it strengthens the spine, improves posture and coordination motion, increases flexibility and endurance. However, children do not lose interest in activities, do not get tired and give out energy. The task of an experienced instructor – to direct children's energies on building up, strengthening health follow a healthy lifestyle and develop positive attitudes toward the world. Yoga classes help a child get his body management skills and processes that take place in it. This allows him to join the adulthood prepared for any of its manifestations, to learn to accept it fully and vividly.


Answer: Because we are educate these children, too many kids that we give to what they do not deserve, thereby spoil it or anything not already appreciate and find that the world revolves only around them and all they have to. Of course more may bear the imprint certain age crisis. In general, each situation must be considered individually. The leading activity in adolescence – intimate, personal communication, parents are no longer for teen authority, authority is usually some Neformal, performance decreases. Most likely the child is experiencing a crisis of adolescence. You patience, more talk about feelings, less moralistic and screams. More blame external background: Wednesday, TV, violence …

yes you can transfer up to much … come to visit Tiffany's, which immediately changes the balance in the system of "family". Each family must be treated separately. The structure of the family: father, mother, child. Who introvert, an extrovert who … As the situation in the classroom. Alcohol, boys, self-conceit, based on the respect of others (mirror effect) … It is impossible to record the child in the "vampire".

Quite possible that the child simply pumps the film from another system in the family … This is a complex topic, but it needs to be addressed … and not only for my daughter but for myself .. The daughter eventually goes to another family, and parents who have lost their extraversion and happiness to life live in apathy. Children do not know what gratitude. Everything done for them take for granted that it should be, but not in another. We ourselves were such. Grow up – and everyone will understand appreciate and say thank you. So do not despair. All in good time. A childhood in the then and childhood – a carefree, bezhlopotnoe, carefree .. We rarely ask their children if they should, what we do or rather, it is necessary for us to increase their self-esteem. And if this is the case, why should they thank us and thank us what the main thing would be satisfied.

Monitoring Standard

So what do you do if your child is sick? First and foremost, you should call a doctor – only he can properly put diagnosis and correct treatment. Prior to joining the specialist must relieve the child – to create maximum comfort him, to try to remove the heat. To bring the temperature down, you need a reliable and safe tool designed specifically for children. Federal State Institution "Moscow Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery Rosmedtechnologies" as the first choice for treatment of fever and pain recommends products based on ibuprofen 1, which has a mild and effective action on the child's body. One such drug is Nurofen for Children – a drug that combines anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic properties. Within 15-30 minutes, it has an effect that persists up to 8 hours. In recent months, Assurant Health has been very successful.

Nurofen for Children is available in two versions: in the form of a suspension in the form of candles. Suspension with orange or strawberry comes in handy bottles with dimensional special syringe. Recommended for admission to 3 months to 12 years. Candles are designed for children ages 3 months to 2 years in cases where the reception of the suspension is impossible or difficult because of regurgitation. Candles minimize the possibility of under-dosing, have a similar rate of absorption c suspension of the active substance and also provide freedom from pain and fever up to 8 hours. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 local pediatricians use it for the treatment of their children 2. Make sure that in your home medicine cabinet is Nurofen for Kids! 1 Klyuchnikov SO, Zaitseva, OV, Ottomans IM and other acute respiratory infections in children. Manual for doctors / / Russian Journal of Perinatology and Pediatrics.

2008. 3. C.1-36. 2 According to a study "Romir Monitoring Standard" (2009).

Parents Cosmetics

In Russia, according to existing regulatory instruments, such division is not provided, nor does it define what a baby shampoo, and at what age it is recommended. As a rule, manufacturers themselves point to the packaging, At what age can use a particular shampoo. If accurate information is not likely this tool is designed for children from 3 years. Shampoos for babies under one year check most carefully, and perhaps they are the safest cosmetics. In order to produce cosmetics for the smallest, the company should have a production certified by international standards. Washing- Baby's head should be as neutral and thus effective for a short time to use them could wash baby's hair. Read more here: PCRM. They have virtually no odor. ERjVDQjE2QzQ3RUU3Mjg=’>Elio Moti Sonnenfeld by clicking through.

Because these shampoos contain surfactants sparing (Surfactants), many manufacturers recommend using shampoo as a means of bathing or produce products, "2 in 1" to wash the body and head. As a rule, choose cosmetics for babies Parents who pay attention primarily on the composition and to a lesser extent, the appearance of the package. For the release of this product category are taken quite a few companies, mainly those who specialize in children's cosmetics (Bubchen, Sanosan, Our Mother"). Among the children's shampoo, on the Russian market, most products are for children aged 3-4 years. This is mainly products of small companies. Of the international giants in the market for children shampoos sufficiently active only Johnson & Johnson (Johnson Baby) and Schwarzkopf & Henkel (Schauma Kids). What are the age limits of children's shampoo? Anastasia Maltsev noted that older children can use the shampoo with 5 years, but it is better to postpone their use until about 14 years.

It was at this age the skin and its appendages (hair, nails) will be fully formed and the characteristics of adult skin. In principle, baby shampoo may well enjoy and adults. Other thing that from him should not expect some additional effect outside, because it does not provide conditioning and other additives.

Losing Weight After Childbirth

During pregnancy, many moms with sadness in his eyes look in the mirror on its rounded shape is podumyvaya about losing weight after childbirth. But not all are able to restore her maiden figure after the birth of the baby. A Moreover, apart from the aesthetic benefits of a return to pre-natal weight contributes to exit from postpartum depression. So where to begin, and how not to harm your body? Labors – a great stress for the female organism. And if, immediately after giving birth to sit on a rigid diet, can greatly undermine the health of a lifetime. Drastically lose weight can not be in any case! Need to lose weight gradually, as it were drawn during the pregnancy. Norm is considered a loss of 1 kilogram per month. Nursing mothers doctors generally do not recommend dieting to get involved.

Will help you become leaner balanced nutrition and daily low physical load. Let's start with food. Proper nutrition involves eating 5-6 times a day in small portions. You should not get involved in confectionery, flour products. Lean on vegetables and fruits, they take toxins from the body and contain a lot of vitamins.

Breastfeeding moms should not forget that some kinds of foods can cause food allergies in the baby. By the way, not be superfluous to use a special vitamin complex, to pick up who can help you doctor. It is advisable not to eat after 19.00, but if you're concerned about hungry, you can drink a cup of yogurt, or eat some fruit. Remember that in order to feed herself and the child, you need every day consume at least 2000 kcal. Daily pay to much time physical activity. For this perfect swimming. Pursuing this sport, you train almost all muscle groups. And if you have no chance to go out for sports, you can do in your apartment (house). Turn on music and just dance, you can take the baby in her arms – this will increase the load. At the same time you will begin to develop a hearing baby. Walking with baby, do not sit on the bench, and walk around. One to two hours walking a day is well reflected on your figure. Do not forget to consult with your doctor about increasing physical activity. The most common problem – this 'postpartum' tummy. After giving birth, the stomach is a woman's 'sore point' both literally and figuratively. Not worth much to strain the abdominal muscles in the first half of the month, child care will give sufficient load at this time. When your muscles to fully recover, start with a few repetitions of one exercise per day, gradually bringing the lessons of 30 minutes. The easiest exercise for lower abdomen – this lift bended knee. Later you can add to their complex post-natal exercises more complex and effective exercise for the press. Thus you will gradually regain the previous appeal and is not injurious to health. Importantly, be patient the first few months, when your body is not perfect. Following these rules are not clever, you will achieve tremendous success, and your figure will be jealous.

New Year In History

Who invented the New Year? Many of us do not even think about it. We are accustomed to celebrating it every year and look forward to this cheerful, old-fashioned celebration that brings joy to our house and a lot of gifts. And he enjoyed, regardless of age. New Year – a holiday that unites people who are forgotten in all the turmoil and trouble. The custom of New Year celebrations originated in Mesopotamia, was associated with the spring rebirth of nature and celebrated in March. From that day began with all the major events was forbidden to administer the courts and to work within 12 days. Since then go custom on New Year's gift to each other all kinds of gifts and souvenirs.

In the 14th century Russian Grand Duke John V. III formally approved the decision to consider the start date of New Year on September 1. The reason for this was that on this day in Russia collecting all taxes, quit-rent and other existing at the time taxes. Last September 1 New Year celebrated in 1698. In 1699 Peter I issued a decree set a new date for New Year celebrations – it's Jan. 1, ie, the most cherished number, which makes already on the eve of fight our hearts in joyful excitement and forget about all the problems. Already in 1605 the French were first dressed green beauty, adorned with flowers out of colored paper, apples and biscuits.

Although the veneration of a Christmas tree, as a symbol of protection of the home from evil spirits, there was a Germanic tribes long before the adoption of Christianity. This tradition spread to Germany first and then gradually throughout Europe. Initially, Simple Christian tree is a luxury, so only the wealthy nobles and merchants could afford it. Only in the second half of the XIX century, a Christmas tree has become available for the luxury of ordinary people. In addition to the trees and decorated with pine and cherry trees. In the early years of the Soviet Union to celebrate Christmas and decorate the Christmas tree was forbidden. But already in 1935 organized the first Christmas party, which was also a Christmas green beauty. After that legitimized the New Year celebrations. The first Christmas ball was made of the 4th century glassblowers ago. A mass production of glass Christmas decorations began only in the middle of last century. New Year's Eve 2010 – the largest holiday of the year, which was eagerly awaits each of us, especially children. To no one is left unattended for a holiday gift would be a nice virtual Christmas cards, which are at least forced to smile you love the person. A New pictures will help you prepare for the holiday with the decorative side. Therefore, it is great that such a holiday there and gives us joy and merriment.