Vietnam War

Worldwide supporters of hemp legalization of drugs, out of arguments, finally turning to the Dutch experience. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Robert Greene. I flew to Amsterdam to become acquainted with the troublemakers in Europe. The steep stairs down in the basement of one of the two hundred and fifty coffee shops. Coffee shops – the only outlets where openly sell marijuana and hashish. The bartender hands me a menu with a list of marijuana and hashish: only 25 varieties! Many prefer the Dutch variety.

Marijuana and hashish packed in bags weighing from one to three grams. In the bar there is no noise and fights. Excitations can behave just those who smoke marijuana while consuming alcohol or Visitors, who are already somewhere inject heroin itself, or sniff cocaine, or swallow a pill of ecstasy. It’s not like Bob the bartender: “They behave like crazy!” According to Bob, there are rules of trade for coffee shops Required: It is forbidden to sell alcohol and hard drugs. Can not be sold to one person more than five grams of marijuana. Unacceptable any ad. For more specific information, check out Senator Elizabeth Warren. Finally, it will not allow marijuana to visitors under eighteen years.

The Netherlands legislation on drugs “Update” in the late 70’s, when the government divided the “heavy” and “soft” drugs. The latter came hemp. Critics accuse the Dutch of the increasing number of people smoking marijuana, and point to soft drugs as a stage of transition to a potent. In percentage terms, declare the Dutch, the number of addicts they are not higher than in any other country, and the number of youth who use marijuana today is increasing throughout Europe.

But the point is different: no drugs, including the “weak” in the Netherlands, according to the Dutch, in fact, not legalized. Their storage, transportation, sale prosecuted by law. Import or export of marijuana faces four years’ imprisonment and (or) a fine of up to 100,000 guilders. With the emergence of coffee shops has stopped, or at least reduce uncontrolled street trading marijuana and hashish. The authorities have the opportunity to check the coffee shops, the quality of hemp, and the tax inspectors – to increase fees. So respected at the same time the interests of consumers of soft drugs and the state. Thus, the sale of marijuana officially not allowed, but limited quantities are not prosecuted. The Dutch are not acting for the legalization of psychoactive substances in cannabis, but only for a certain tolerance for it. Of the 6000 drug-amsterdamtsev approximately 5000 heroin users. He appeared in the Netherlands in the early 70’s, when American soldiers, deserters were hiding from the Vietnam War in European cities. They have been with a powder, which is issued in a war zone Action for analgesia. Until this time on there were only 300 people from the Chinese community who used opium. Brought by the military heroin quickly pushed the other opiates. Largely for this reason did Dutch most anesthetized people of Europe. Later, the heroin epidemic of “covered” from Copenhagen, , Oslo In the Netherlands, about 100000 people have ever used heroin, of whom 25,000 are still experiencing addiction. And people ever tried cocaine, not less than 500,000, of whom continue to be dependent of about 50000. The proportions are totally different. Heroin addiction is more like alcoholism, but alcoholism begins with the active used in ten years, and geroinizm – in a few months.

Protein Diet

The majority of people thinks that the proteins obtain only from the meat and the fish but other foods how the eggs, milk, the vegetables and the soybean contain also them. To that like the meat and want they to become thin are of luck with the dissociated diet, because they will be able to eat it at the same time as they lose weight. As far as vegetables, those with more protein containing, the vegetables take palm, although lately the soybean has entered with force the western markets of feeding. protein of soya it represents a very important nutritional value for a dissociated diet. The present studies emphasize the benefits that the soybean also represents the human being like isoflavonas. The meats that normally we consumed in our country are: calf, chicken and turkey, and pig.

Also we consumed great amount of fish and seafood. All of them foods with great protein contribution. In order to know as to conbinar them the dissociated diet can be consulted table The creators of this nutritional regime base their conclusions on that ingesting proteins the fat deposits are mobilized and substances are freed that are called cetnicos bodies. The vegetables can be taken cooked or crude being better to take them crude than cooked. As in all diet great amount of water is due to drink: between 2 liters and average. The form of baking of foods can be to the furnace, the plate, or the steam, avoiding all possible the frituras. The benefit of the diet of proteins is dual: it fortifies the body and it contributes to lower of weight. This is the reason for which lately many dietistas are choosing to recommend them to their patients.

During the two first weeks the regime usually is quite strict and much liquid is due to drink (water). Progressively you must be diminishing the protein ingestion and to be incorporating fruits and vegetables. He is not recommendable to be in this diet for more than 30 days followed and as always it is recommended to consult to a specialist before beginning any type of diet. He is recommendable to arrange the diet of proteins with something of exercise. To walk, to mount in bicycle or the best one of the cases of scoring at the gymnasium are very recommendable activities when this following that regime nutritional. You would gain muscular mass and you will be able to lose those kilos that exceed to you with more facility. There is no restriction in the amounts but he is advisable not to be with the totally full stomach and to flavor the salads to use olive oil. When we followed the dissociated diet menu always we will take a control on the combinations of foods. It consults the dissociated diet to obtain but information.

Weight Loss Program

Worries to him its weight? It has proven a program of loss of weight, but that finished unsatisfied and one feels frustrated? This is the opportunity to prove one new one. To eat to lose is a program done by Isabel of the Rivers of loss of complete and exhaustive weight that is based on the principle of metabolic type. It was created by Isabel of the Rivers to help to lower significantly of weight. It is a specialistic world-wide recognition, graduated as the University of Rutgers What causes that the program to eat to lose is different from other programs? The Program To eat to lose goes well for all since it uses a very healthful feeding in terms of loss of weight. Which will guide to him the most healthful foods to maintain its healthy body and in form. (Similarly see: PCRM). It allows him to realise his own plans of loss of weight that are funny to do and that allow him to eat much more healthful without concerning their type of body. The Program to eat to lose is based on the most recent scientific knowledge and its nutritional conception is incomparable. Isabel author Of Rivers will teach to him to eat correctly without they pass hunger because the hunger as it explains will give rise to more anxiety.

The program can at the outset be difficult for you, since it must have some type of adjustment, especially in the activities of his diet, but it is worth the recompesado pain since in the end side. The program To eat to lose has a lasting effect. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from fracking facts. It can change his habit to eat badly in one heals and to change his life for always. Isabel of the Rivers has helped many people to reclaim its ideal weight reason why it shows the effectiveness of his program. Another thing is that the Program to eat to lose is the best program of loss of weight in the market reason why obtained an index of very high confidence in all the consumers. If it is looking for a program to lose credible weight it tries to review the Program of Isabel of the Rivers To eat to lose and will see what can do by you. But information in eating to lose Source To eat to lose fat

Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM

The Salvation call waiting from the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) could offer a perspective for pain patients. Naturheilpraxis Cameron a year successfully in Heidelberg despite Dr. med. A year ago, Google babe Cameron opened his natural healing practice centrally located in Heidelberg. Since then, he has successfully treated many patients with alternative medicine. The natural healing practice areas within of herbal medicine, eye diagnosis, biochemistry, tuina and Chi Kung breathing exercises. After three-year private education at the Institute of phytotherapy (IfP) followed several years of practical work in Berlin, where he has specialized in the treatment of pain patients and people with chronic medical conditions.

In his practice, Mr. Cinar operates mostly according to the standards of traditional naturopathy. Almost exclusively European tea drugs are used for the composition of the Teerezepturen. Mr Cinar nationwide is one of the few of his Guild with a Turkish background. His desire is to the profession of the practitioner as well as the natural healing procedures to move more into the consciousness of his fellow countrymen. In this context a project was launched in Berlin 2007, which promoted by the European Social Fund (ESF). It had set itself the goal the dissemination and publication of alternative healing methods in the Turkish population and will continue since the end of the project, volunteers from Mr Cinar. The treatment by alternative medicine by a practitioner since then enjoys a growing acceptance in the Turkish population.

What is herbal medicine or even tea therapy? It belongs to the oldest medical therapies of in human history. Medicinal plants used since time immemorial and with much experience in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases. They offer an efficient and low-side effect alternative to the purely chemically defined drugs. As tea drinking, they help to extract the connective tissue and improve the metabolism of every cell. Due to their great biodiversity are versatile. What is tuina? Tuina is one of the five Columns in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The treatment method with which I work has a close relationship with the Chinese Kung Fu. It differs to the traditional application of the tuina insofar, that I work in addition to massage and acupressure mainly with tapping techniques. Grater -, pressure – and in particular this tapping techniques treats diseased tissue such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.. Most diseases of the musculoskeletal system are also longer due to past injuries and strain of the structures according to Chinese medicine on May. The diseased tissue routed”and through time by small bruises, calcification, and waste products of muscle metabolism. If the Verschlackungen are resolved, blood and lymph circulate better and ensure therefore a better supply of connective tissue. This is the agility and strength increasing again. The pain is usually substantially. To the patients, what very much appreciate the treatment method, know, include especially athletes and people with chronic pain. Baris Cinar, therapist mobile: + 49.157.71435782 skype: baris.cinar email: web:

Medicinal Products

Discussion about the alleged miracle cream Regividerm keeps to the supposed \”miracle cream\” Regividerm makes headlines. In addition to medical, there are also legal questions, should but the cream for the treatment of the Atopic Dermatitis after media reports rather than zulassungspflichtiges drugs, but \”only\” as a medical product is marketed. Right? Medicinal products and medical devices differ in their mode of action: while drug pharmacological, immunological or metabolic effect, this is not the case with medical products just. Medical devices develop their effect rather in other, mostly physical way. To clarify would therefore, in the event of a dispute, whether Regividerm pharmacological, immunological or metabolic effects. The skin eczema treatment caused by an overproduction of cytokines and no.. According to the publicly known manufacturer that should in the ointment contained vitamin B12 that neutralize unnecessary No.

and thus inhibit the formation of lesions / cirulation. Well, as one is questionable is to categorize such action. Mainly a pharmacological effect into account would probably, so one that results in between medium and organism interact. More interaction would will take place between the molecules of the active substance and a so-called receptor, i.e. a body part of the cell, which caused a direct impact or is blocked the effect of another substance. Here \”the vitamins grab\” the excess parts of NO production well. The production of NOs itself is almost completed, can also no longer be influenced. However, the process of production of NOs is alone probably not yet complete.

He is continued and visible to the outside may only contact the NOs with the body components behind where the changes occur, so mostly skin tissue. The effect of the cream could be understood now, vitamins to intervene before the excess NOs with the skin cells in contact the NOs neutralize and thus block its effect. On the basis of the previous pronouncements to Regividerm therefore a pharmacological effect of the cream can not foreclose, what would then be a legal tension between for sale as a medical product.

Medical Care Centres

The polyclinics of the 21st century medical care centres (MVZ), as they are increasingly established by the statutory health insurance, have not only benefits. The initiators of the Central clinics that combine several specialists in one roof, are guided according to the model of the Netherlands. The private insurance Portal reported the disadvantages of such facilities. For even more analysis, hear from McDougall Program. Therefore fear just specialists and general practitioners to the quality of medical care. Finally, the decentralized supply close to the place of residence for elderly patients and families with children is an important criterion. The medical care centres, however, will concentrate mainly in urban areas. Still, doctors in the model see the danger of the anonymity of the patients. The time for intensive discussions of patient restricted the Central clinics.

In addition, that physicians were lost and in the ambulances as employees their status as a freelancer. Also, the danger is great, here relying the doctors treating a patient of less on their own expertise, but rather follow the requirements of their respective health insurance employer. House – and specialists who want to evade the new model, are dependent on a certain number of private patients in their practice. Only through their contributions, they can economically provide the surgeries on a secure foundation. In the reverse case, patients benefit not only of profound methods of treatment, but also by the pleasant atmosphere of a small practice. More information:…/ end of classic – physician practice… Contact: Tilo Sommer University first media GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The TCM offers side-effect-free helps for many complaints wellness stay for children, medical Spa offers for adolescents and young people is that really necessary? Clearly, the answer is: Yes. For massages, relaxation and adventure pools, the sauna visit or sports without pressure contribute directly to the well-being, strengthen the immune power and promote the capacity to concentrate. At the same time, the family adventure is intensified by togetherness. Health prevention, then the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) offers, as practiced in the award-winning vital – und Wellnesshotel zum Kurfursten, just for children and teenagers without side effects possibilities, to preserve the health and strengthen the immune system. The TCM professionals of the Middle Moselle have years of experience with the gentle healing methods of traditional Chinese medicine. Applies to children of all ages, that is with acupressure or acupuncture symptoms of colds or significantly alleviate have flu. Schoolchildren from the eighth year of life acupuncture is already a probate method, particularly when allergies, head and ear pain, digestive problems and skin diseases.

The experienced TCM specialist will prepare for the treatment in conversation with the parents and the child. The usage is less and above all finer needles. The goal is to strengthen the specific treatment, the healing powers and to restore the balance of health. Learn more on the subject from James A. Levine, M.D.. Body, soul and environment will be seen as a unit. This holistic approach is particularly suitable for children and young people, as there are no side effects.

Skin disorders, food allergies, but also psychological problems are treated as highly effective. Often E.g. pressure in school leads to stress, more precisely: stress at school, children between school and up to the age of about 14. The consequences are often physical complaints that are not recognizable at first glance: dining, learning or performance errors or lack of concentration,. Nervousness, often associated with stomach – or headache or even pronounced insomnia. The treatment is started on the basis of TCM diagnosis. So Chinese massage, Qi Gong, and a modified food plan after the five-elements cuisine. Of course acupuncture can be used for relaxation, especially including the ability to concentrate can be promoted. And all without drugs”, such as underline the TCM specialists of the award-winning medical Spa Hotels in Bernkastel-Kues. The perfect infrastructure of hotels to the electors can be used by children and young people of course also in the wellness and beauty area: through aroma massage with special relaxing oils, but also with stomach or head massage. Here comes up joy and well-being. Latest with puberty, also the first blemishes show up. The type-specific skin care should now start. Good advice is not expensive; because on the basis of an analysis of the skin, you can find the correct cleaning and Care and cleaning products. So the awareness at the same time at home skin care. And some teens takes a few tips and tricks”for the make-up and an age found make up home with.

Plastic Surgery

The beauty interventions are well all industries constantly in the course a sign smaller demand and a decline in the number of customers. It is different in people who want to undergo a plastic surgery procedure. The longing for beauty and perfect charisma is so strong that people are probably saving for other things. The number of visitors who visited the area of plastic surgery, have always risen during the past year. In the third quarter of 2008, our Web pages in an average of 3 400 people were visited every day, in January there were already 4 700 visitors a day,\”says Pavel Hilbert, the Director of the Internet portal cosmetic plastic, which as a guidepost for visitors is used, that a doctor suitable for the planned intervention. Aesthetic plastic surgery have become very popular. Long ago, they are no domain only for women, but discovered more and more by men. According to data published by the portal cosmetic plastic, it is It is obvious that the number of people who actively seek a plastic surgeon, increased almost four times in the course of the previous year. McDougall Program has firm opinions on the matter.

While only 406 questions to doctors and clinics were sent in March via the portal, it was already 1 782 requests in December. The number of sent requests gives us a clear statement about how much customers actively wanted to sit with a specific physician, to a conversation agree.\”says Hanafi. His words confirmed Dr. med. You on Zaruba, chief doctor of the Institute of aesthetic medicine in Prague: the interest in invasive and non-invasive interventions in the field of aesthetic medicine increases thanks to the Internet constantly.

It is important to have enough available and current information for each of our clients from the Czech Republic as well as abroad. And this clearly allows Internet. I can also notice that the spectrum of customers despite the world’s prevailing economic crisis is still wide and the interest for interventions do not \”subsides, rather vice versa currently even the interest of foreign customers is increasing.\” \”This opinion divides also Dr.

Dentist Answers Questions

The successful magnetic field consultation on the website tips-IM is now available with a dentist, who worked for 15 years with the magnetic field therapy, occupied. Dealing with very specific questions for specific health problems and you want to know what can make the magnetic field therapy for it, you can’t get around to the magnetic field consultation. The magnetic field consultation on the independent portal tips-from the very proved, so far over 100 questions were answered very professionally. PCRM is often quoted on this topic. The magnetic field therapy is a known complementary medical therapy, which is for many ailments can be used for many years. Also in the dental practice, this form of treatment is more and more application possibilities. As reported for example Dr.

med. Dent. Jurgen Garlichs from Kiel in the neutral information service, magnetic field therapy, that he loves uses magnetic field therapy to prepare for longer treatments. Also the Berlin dentist of Dr. Andreas praises the versatile applications of magnetic therapy as adjuvant in the evil Self-healing phase, after completed therapy and chronic history. The dentist established in Stamsried Dr.

Armin Dane Chandran, focusing on are dental surgery, dental prosthetics (Prosthodontics), and the Pediatric Dentistry, arises from immediately the questions from users in the magnetic field consultation on. Since 1994, so over 15 years, the magnetic field therapy is applied daily in his practice. With the additional practice focus of Pediatric Dentistry, the magnetic field therapy from his practice can be indispensable for him. In a journal article on the website of the neutral consumer portal tips from the experts, portrays the dentist two interesting dental surgery and this explains how useful is the magnetic field therapy for him. Dr. Dane Walter explained: we needed for post-surgical therapies from dental surgery on the magnitude of the above two cases previously, without magnetic field application, at least 10 to 14 days, and this only on antibiotic therapy and nociceptive. Both described Cases were carried out without any medication, so free of side effects, in half of the time. There was enough alone the analgesic, decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect of pulsating, low-frequency magnetic field therapy. “In the successful students of the magnetic field very many questions. The following question is addressed to the dentist: we are in possession of a magnetic device and use it for my husband’s high blood pressure, among other things. Our doctor advised us to dispense the full body mat down. You write that you very high dose after dental surgery with Intensivapplikatoren, also a patient of high blood pressure to do so? “But also other questions doctors on the magnetic field office hours can be found in large quantities. With a search function, it is easily possible to search for specific terms or disease names the user. The dentist Dr. Armin Dane Chandran, who works also as an expert, will answer all technical questions neutral, and independent companies within a few days, and relevant tips for unsafe user stand by.

How To Treat A Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections (also known as UTI, bladder infections, and cystitis) are an uncomfortable condition which a bacteria (usually E. coli) infect the urinary tract. The most common symptom of UTI is a frequent urge to urinate, followed by realizing that in fact have a urine dissipate. Many people who suffer from urinary tract infections also complain of painful urination. Urinary tract infections are more common among women, but men and children are also susceptible to these infections irritants.

There are some things you can do to help treat a urinary tract infection: 1. Drink plenty of fluids. As soon as you feel the first symptoms start drinking and do it all day. If bacteria gets the time, you can remove it out before the infection grows. Water should be your primary fluid, although cranberry juice and orange juice too. The acid in these juices helps to eliminate bacteria.

2. Take at least 2,000 mg of vitamin C per day, this is due to acidification. 3. Eat watermelon, parsley and celery, all three serve as natural diuretics and will help the infection of the vaginal orifice. 4. Urinate as soon as you feel the need. Do not hold it too long and try to empty your bladder completely each time you go to pee. 5. Take an antibiotic. You can buy Cipro online pharmacy to keep on hand, if you know that you are prone to urinary tract infections. 6. Do not have sex if you suspect you may have a urinary tract infection. Sex can cause more irritation.