Diagnostics Test

The elderly lactate is sport standard, newer methods promise a greater information gain however. Until a few years ago, a diagnosis of performance in endurance sports was reserved for only the squad athletes at the Olympic base. With the ongoing technological development, the devices were noticeably small and affordable for many institutions. Meanwhile, even so-called personal trainer try”without any training and expertise of lactate and the interpretation of the obtained information. A double-edged sword is but the performance diagnostics within the sports sciences, one of the most controversial issues.

An interpretation of the results of a performance diagnostics is impossible without specialist knowledge. It requires extensive knowledge and experience to derive meaningful training areas and recommendations for training control from the Laktatleistungskurven. The lactate is as standard has established itself the lactate, in which the loads gradually increased. The aim of Laktatstufentests is to training areas define and review the progress of the training. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr. John Mcdougall. However, many institutions use different testing protocols, making a comparison of the completed tests almost impossible. For determining the anaerobic threshold, which is taken from training areas, usually from starting point establishing, 8 different models exist in the German-speaking countries alone.

You can enhance the variety through the application of different loading protocols on over 30 different procedures. This question is the knowledge gained for the athletes. Always the same test protocol should be used to ensure comparability of different Diagnostics. As an example from which cycling can be located here the step test according to the specifications of the Federal of German road bicycle racer lead. This test protocol increases the loads emanating from 100 Watts with a step length of three minutes to 20 Watts each. The test is carried out up to the physical exertion of the athlete. Multifactorial analysis is the analysis of an athlete’s performance at the Classic step test only one-dimensional. A far more accurate picture of sports performance results from multi-factorial analysis of influencing factors. These include in particular the maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) as well as more readings from the Spiroergometry, the maximum power, anaerobic capacity, the maximum Laktatbildungsrate, the muscle fiber composition and the coordination skills of the athletes. Data collection does not take this with a single test, but a test battery instead, but with a battery of different sub tests. By combining the various sub tests and the inclusion of further parameters, it is possible to capture the entire range of the athlete and to draw conclusions on certain performance-related metabolic processes. The performance diagnostics is accordingly extensive and requires a lot of motivation of athletes. In the overall of results of the performance diagnosis by an experienced evaluator using latest metabolic simulation method strengths show clear and Weaknesses as well as untapped potential of the athlete. Precise training recommendations can be derived in relation to the objectives and training history. Marten Knoch scientific management synergy ProTraining

Wellness Club

The Pan-European success of the women’s sport chain not tear down, on the contrary: Mrs.Sporty has reached with the Club in Dortmund now the proud branch number 400 period of only five years. Over 130,000 enthusiastic women in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and Italy now train after the successful concept of the Mrs.Sporty. No wonder that the opening of the 400 Club in Dortmund-Hombruch of the citizens was impatiently expected. Thus arose a ticket number that is without exception in the history of the Mrs.Sporty: many memberships were already closed in advance, so that the Club opened with over 300 existing members. A great gift for Mrs.Sporty anniversary and above all for the club owner Silke Burckhardt. Enthusiastic members 2-3 times a week half an hour of circuit training, to an individual nutrition and new attitude to life is finished.

The Mrs.Sporty concept is simple and effective. In addition to weight loss, allowing in particular a new body and self-confidence members. While the women appreciate the training among like-minded people and in a family atmosphere. Through personal achievements, they stimulate each other and support each other. “” Statements as it feels so on as if there was nothing more that I could not “or I’m happier than ever” the club owner of the members listen to daily. Many have experienced success after several frustrating experiences with sport or diets through Mrs.Sporty first and can no longer imagine a life without activity. Quickly and professionally, on the everyday life of the modern woman Mrs.Sporty is matched, thus gym, nutritionist and girlfriend meeting in one.

This includes”the Wellness Club design that makes every club to an inspiring and energising village to a Starbucks with a clear conscience. Satisfied club owners also the franchise partner or club owners are thrilled by the concept of sustainable and feel in good hands in the Mrs.Sporty family and supported. Please identify yourself complete with the brand Mrs.Sporty and live your job with passion. Because dealing with members and eventually their success and her happy beams to see, is a very fulfilling activity. As possible to allow a more active and healthier life for so many women, this is a great feeling, every day again”, also Silke Burckhardt from Dortmund-Hombruch says. In addition to satisfaction, she learns many training and exchanges of pages Mrs.Sportys. While she is her own boss, manages their own Club, implementing their ideas. A dream job”, says the fledgling Club owner. The numerous success stories of members of enormous weight loss up to new self-confidence in the job repeatedly confirm the concept. And because Mrs.Sporty period of only five years in Europe has become a strong and well-known brand, the franchise partner or club owner can adjust to a secure career and a fulfilling activity. Mrs.Sporty helps women to realize their dreams! If you want to join now at Mrs.Sporty or are interested in a franchise partnership, simply go to the next Mrs.Sporty Club! Our team is looking forward to you!

Training Of The Back Muscles

Prevents also postural training of the back muscles is not important because the optics Everyone wants a beautiful trained back a beautiful back through targeted training of the back muscles. Whether women or men. It is not to build up muscle mountains, but just to get a strong, athletic and above all healthy back. Anyone who spends much time at the desk has often to deal with postural. The training of the back muscles can contrast and strengthen your back so that it is not so vulnerable. In addition, a beautiful back looks just great. You can train the back in different ways.

In the professionally equipped gym on special back devices, with long or dumbbells or even body weight exercises. Here are some exercises for the training of the back muscles: Deadlift, Deadlift is typically done with a barbell and belongs to the basic exercises. Who wants to build muscle should as Deadlifts in the training plan involve how someone wants to remove the fat. The Deadlift consumed a lot and especially large muscles. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit James A. Levine, M.D.. That train the muscles has the effect that growth hormone (HGH human growth hormones) awarded are, on the one hand the fat loss support on the other hand of course muscle building.

And the greater the muscle and more muscles are trained, the more growth hormone are secreted. Alternatively, you can perform even Deadlift with dumbbells. This will come eventually to its limits, if you really wants to build muscle, because at some point just more emphasis is required. Rowing also with rowing is the back muscles trained and strengthened. The different grip positions for rowing make it possible to train in different areas of the back. “Body weight exercises for the training of the back muscles of Superman” is one of those. The execution is relatively simple and probably that has seen almost everyone once somewhere. Here is it just flat on the ground and lifted at the same time the legs and torso. It stretches the arms forward. As a result, the entire back is trained and strengthened. The exercise can be increased by slight changes in the execution in difficulty. Optionally, arms, can be similar to stretched in rowing to the front and pulled back to the rear. All while the upper body is slightly raised. Glen Wakeman recognizes the significance of this. Alternatively is also very intense during the arm rowing holds a towel between the hands and pulls it apart with all his strength. This training of the back muscles is very intense. It strengthens and shapes the back and secondly you can do it anywhere. Who don’t know holiday how he should make his workout, can rely on this exercise. Together with the push-up is a complete upper body workout directly. Marco Gentile

The Mountain Bike Is The New Trend In Cycling

With the choices bikes on the bike path toward fitness and health. What can be better than to cycle on a balmy summer morning mountain bike through a deserted forest? “enthuses Silke Neumann, their sign multiple champion in Mountain Bike Marathon. In such moments, you can just forget all worries, all the stress and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. According to Silke Neumann that feels so incredibly beautiful that can be downright addictive. People such as Glen Wakeman would likely agree. Probably the mountain bike’s parrot, who made a name as a newcomer in the scene, yes right. Many are now walking on the mountain, come from the traditional cycling on the road. At some point they have tried it once, driving on the grobstolligen off-roader and stayed there.

And they probably all right with this enthusiasm. How else you can explain to the boom, the mountain bike has raised in recent years. Also this sport offers a wide field of activity for active people, across all Age strata and groups of people. Generally the cycling is considered one of the healthiest and most medically valuable sports. It’s no matter whether on a mountain bike or a different bike. Doctors and therapists he is atop the list of recommendations for the promotion and improvement of the cardiovascular system. Gentle endurance training on the mountain as positive health affects, such as jogging, walking or Nordic walking. With the small but important difference that as well as not strain on the joints.

The body feeling Gets the whole time on the saddle. Therefore the cycling and on mountain bike in particular especially for elderly, overweight is generally and have problems with the joints. Also, the training on the mountain bike, ideal for is suitable to burn fat and to reduce annoying overweight. There are indeed only a few sports that allow also the somewhat heavier contemporaries and those with poor condition, for fat burning necessary Pulse frequency to achieve and maintain during training on a mountain bike. But why should it rise just on the mountain bike? Cycling can be operated also with a road bike or fitness bike. No doubt about it: a racing bike is faster and closer to the lifestyle it the it goes so many in cycling. A touring bike is more convenient as a mountain bike and grannies of alerter fender Planer clean brings us from A to B. The mountain bike is but the all-rounder among the bicycles. What is the jeep at the cars, this is the mountain bike in cycling. An all-terrain vehicle for the germ there is a site that you could not defeat him. Whether paved bike path to work, or forest root passage with the mountain bike all no problem! Peter Constantin, dark (sports & fitness)

Health Running Sports

My JogStyle are tips against the autumn Blues it is autumn and many people a feeling low is without further ADO. The inner pig dog seems to have adopted even in hibernation. The good news: In the cold and dark seasons can and must you even really spoil yourself. There are actually only three magic words that make the autumn Blues masters: movement, relaxation, (healthy) diet. My JogStyle brings light into the darkness back with some tips. The immune system in swing must be brought in a good mood and healthy to survive the fall. Missing light, cold temperatures, and many erkaltete people challenge your body.

When changing from summer to autumn, it is even more important than usual to supply the body with sufficient vitamin C and other nutrients. Fresh fruit and vegetables must be on the meal plan that strengthens the immune system and improves the mood. Even if the fall not just to invites to play sports in the fresh air: daily at least half an hour in the great outdoors for a walk or jog, increases inner well-being. The perfect motivational-coach is the JogStyle of the Omron. The practical tool measures the number of steps taken and the associated energy and calories burned during running training or in everyday life. They brought only 3000 steps behind him after a day’s work: from to out there and run another round! It is too cold or too dark, which can Dodge to a gym, the swimming pool or the home-trainer, athletic to press. Contrast showers, saunas and baths are a treat for body and soul.

Punishing cold air like missing light skin and hair anyway you must yourself particularly much care in the fall? For each, there is the best good-mood-recipe against the autumn Blues: bright and friendly colors in the clothing or cosy home, a visit to friends or a good book in the evening, cuddly hours on the couch or the comfortable walking the dog. Exercise, fresh air and relaxation give no chance the autumn Blues. There are all the information about the JogStyle and many more tips on health, running sports and co. online on. (Picture: Shestakoff – Fotolia.com) Company profile: OMRON healthcare was founded in Kyoto in 1933 and is now a leading manufacturer of sensory systems and technologies in the health care market. The German subsidiary OMRON Medizintechnik with continuous innovations has successfully established itself for 35 years. Cutting-edge technologies, interpreted for accurate measuring technology for easy, intuitive operation, expose the Omron products not only for professionals but also for general use.