A Bit Of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton was born in France in 1821. At the age of 16 years, he studied to create the bags. After finishing his education, having outstanding abilities in this area, he was soon able to work alone. already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In 1854, Vuitton opened its own fashion house in Paris. Fashion house was named after Louis Vuitton, abbreviated as lv. lv label was put on the leather handbag, finished footwear, watches, jewelry and other goods. This is one of the leading international fashion houses in the world and to this day.

All products are brand lv in the 19 century were made by hand. Initially, Louis Vuitton suitcases and handbags made of leather. Since 1888, that would protect their products from counterfeit Louis Vuitton has created a special fabric, called the Damier Canvas. All Cases steel sheathing of this, light – brown checkered cloth. In 1896, after the death of Louis Vuitton, his son Georges Vuitton, was released on the classic line, with a picture of the monogram lv. The line was set up in 12 classic styles. After some time Vuitton decided to add a monogram Canvas. In 1924 was added to travel bag Keepall, created in three dimensions. In 1932 he was created handbag called 'Noe'. Which is produced and is popular until now.

Emilio Reyes Tobacco

Before 1981, Emilio Reyes specialized in breeding tobacco. Then he left the company, but has not stopped to advise her, Windsore Shade Tobacco Co. and other companies specializing in the cultivation of tobacco. In 1981, Reyes started working in his father's company – Tabacos Amantina, and left it at the end of 1980. "It was when I changed the company name to 'Flor de los Reyes' (Flower Kings). " I'm lighting a cigarette offered to me Reyes cigar with Connecticut wrapper and immediately realize that I had never tried a cigar like this. Taste with a touch of exotic spices, but without the pepper, simply can not describe. Intriguing aroma of golden-brown cigar is very well suited for smoking after dinner: clean taste, no tar colors.

Enjoying the mellow taste of ripe cigar, I once again surprised by Don Emilio, suddenly again, contacting past and future. "In 1997 our family has developed a new tobacco, which we called" Rese ". Essential oils of the tobacco contained unusually strong floral flavors, and higher nicotine content of tobacco gave a real fortress. We've added a "Rese" in the mix our tobacco, which, in particular, sell on the Russian market, as did our other counterparts around the world. In your cigar – A mixture of tobacco with the inclusion of Rese. Before the brands Don Emilio became popular in the U.S., crowds vacationers vacationers literally swept off the shelves thousands of boxes of cigars. Emilio Reyes said that, emboldened by such sale, the family was prepared to submit Reyes Reyes brand in the U.S.

Decorative Embroidery

Decorative embroidery and is still used for clothing decoration. Nowadays, sewing perfectly joined together in a traditional and contemporary creativity. Just do not be amiss to explore with students what the pattern, rapport, the types of ornaments, embroidery techniques, types of joints. All this knowledge will help to create an aesthetically beautiful, comfortable and original things. In order for there knowledge in lectures students learn the types, techniques of embroidery, sketching, learn circuits perform manual stitch, recording a phased sequence of their implementation, study materials, tools, devices for the embroidering. Embroidery techniques are very diverse, although preference is given to Richelieu and coats. Embroidery light silk, linen, fine cotton is widely used various kinds of , openwork embroidery and loins net.

Popular form of decoration is a decorative applique, released on the background of the product color or contrast of the surface, velvet, satin or shimmer metallic thread. For clothing use braid, cord, silk yarn, worsted, floss, woolen and synthetic yarn, textiles, natural and artificial suede, leather, paint, lace, sequins, beads, pearls and glass beads. In practical classes using charts and records, and also clearly shown in the teacher performance embroidery techniques, students learn to perform first the different stitches, and then try to apply them in the embroidery of any ornament, pattern, motif. Skill comes only after how the student has repeatedly served as embroidery different techniques. Necessary not only to choose the right, put the picture on the product, but also to choose the color, size, pattern and material, which will be executed embroidery. Embroidery to decorate a product to complement it.

Sense of proportion, sense of beauty should help. No wonder such a thing as aesthetics studied not only in school but in high school. Fashion – a capricious lady, which leads people to dance to its tune. Why forced? Factories, companies, fashion houses, producing clothing, sewing items relevant to the current, next season and we are forced to buy what they sell. To justify or support the fashion to say that she became more democratic, gives us the freedom of choice and allows to show individuality in design, finish the costume. Students will easily be able to decorate his costume and acquire knowledge, skills in the field arts and crafts, namely embroidery.