Electrocardiogram, or ECG – is one of the most basic methods of examination of the cardiovascular system of man in general, which in addition is that. Its meaning lies in the fact that using a special medetsinskoy equipment called an electrocardiograph, is a registration of electrical potentials (bursts) of the heart while reducing the heart muscle – the myocardium. During the recording of the electrocardiograph heart electrical potential is a record that stands for and analyzed by doctor – cardiologist. Based on analysis of the velocity and direction of the polarization waves in the heart, we can estimate not only functional state, but also to detect foci of myocardial damage in heart, and it is possible to cure them or prevent their emergence. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Senator of Massachusetts and gain more knowledge.. Electrocardiogram – a simple and accessible method to assess heart function. Even if There are no complaints of pain in the heart, electrocardiography is recommended to go at least once a year for all men after 25 years, and women – after 30. This will reveal irregularities in the heart at a very early infarction, heart failure, heart defects. With no small experience and expertise, the firm 'Hitec Group' doing the necessary surveys, and markets a variety of medical equipment. Our devices can help you monitor your health and provide an opportunity to keep it for years!


Dermatitis – a common name of various skin diseases. By dermatoses are inflammatory skin diseases, various skin dystrophies, benign and malignant tumors of the skin, etc. The reasons may be dermatosis exogenous (external) and endogenous (internal). External causes of dermatosis are described below. Mechanical agents – prolonged pressure, friction, bruises, etc. Physical agents – high and low temperature impact viruses, protozoa, vegetative bacteria – pathogenic fungi and animal parasites (ticks, bot, etc.), blood-sucking insects, which are the direct cause or a skin disease, or vector other infectious agents. Among the endogenous etiological factors should be noted common infectious diseases as acute (measles, scarlet fever, smallpox, etc.) and chronic (tuberculosis, etc.).

Often the cause of dermatosis metabolic disorders, lack of vitamins (A, C, PP, P, B complex, etc.), circulatory disorders resulting from functional or organic changes in blood vessels, as well as abnormalities in the endocrine secretion. An important role in the occurrence of dermatosis are organic and functional disorders especially of the peripheral and central nervous system. These endogenous factors are in some cases, direct etiologic agent of dermatosis, in others because of their violations caused by the normal physiological functions of the skin – only predisposing factors in the occurrence of skin lesions, other etiology. An example is the frequently observed furunculosis (staphylococcal infection) in patients with diabetes (disturbance of carbohydrate metabolism). Finally, we should bear in mind the possibility of hereditary transmission of certain dermatoses.

More On Influenza A

be Adeje us become sheep and wolves! o More on Influenza A What’s behind all this is very big. I am not an alarmist or pessimistic but I for my part have a clear conscience to use this platform to convey information which I think is quite unfair. More and more critical areas of information people are credited with raising his voice globally where few have money to gain and most to lose health. (A valuable related resource: James A. Levine, M.D.). I know that on the Internet over 80% of the information (if you can call it that) is rubbish. Now, there are things that start out as head of the herd and look over the ass of the sheep in you before you begin to see and realize that pastors are leading you to slaughter. You just have to apply common sense to see clearly and blatantly as we handle a clan (in the video call it somehow “the a lite”) with the less sinister objectives. Not I know how much truth there may be about that. To broaden your perception, visit Senator of Massachusetts.

What we do know is that more and more voices warning of these manipulations and more news that corroborate one way or another. The business of the healthiest? and legal drugs I should say to perpetuate the disease? (Because only this continues the “business”) moves much more money the oil companies worldwide and in many cases have been fined for tampering, improper and disposals for flagrant ethical crimes. Here are another. This doctor is a former Minister of Health, Finland. We must appreciate and ponder well the information in it. After each draw their own conclusions and act according to them. I for one think that I am doing this with my ethical duty to report what I think is happening.

Clearly, it is much easier and comfortable to ostrich “but he did not want to look that comes the lion is not going to prevent us finish eating. History confirms this unfortunately passive position before the real risks. You just have to see how the Jews were obedient to the death camps, simply because they could or wanted to confront the terrible reality of their situation (it was so incredible that nobody wanted or could accept). Ytu you think, wolf or lamb ?……

Complete Cure For AIDS, HIV, Cancer And Other Types Of Oncology, Liu Is

The method of complete cure for AIDS, HIV, cancer and other types of cancer at any stage and all the sexually transmitted diseases. Found a completely new approach to solving this issue. (Not to be confused with Tree of Life Tai Chi Center!). Naturally, this is not a panacea to heal from particular disease at a particular stage should be approached creatively and selectively. But sick people appeared very real possibility of hard to curable diseases. And, most importantly – treatment is virtually no Medicine, as well as some elements (in particular the need to) Traditional medicine and an official of traditional medicine. Because they were all right, but cure the patient comes only in the application of various theories and practices complex. To do this, on the above mentioned method is removed maximum negative environmental effects, individually selected food and way of life of the patient, special procedures and so on.

In the first phase is very soft and comfortably cleared the patient’s body from accumulated in his body of dead cells, poisons and toxins, poisons him every second, contributing to his condition and so easy – a unique way within two weeks. Already in this period the patient is much better. Then again, gently and comfortably removed from the organism of the patient all microorganisms are viruses, fungi and molds, as well as other parasites – with modern apparatus and drugs. Simultaneously, the human body is populated it needs enzymes useful microflora, natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Depending on the severity of the disease (including and recommendations for the further recovery of his body, along with information support. This method has already been treated by many people. Thus, an integrated approach to the treatment of previously considered incurable diseases, and also difficult to treat serious diseases and easily – humanity was a much better survival rates and prolong the life of the world’s population, increasing the period of his disability. Questions may be set by.

Number Keytrofilov Disease

The diagnosis in this case is placed primarily on the basis of changes in hemogram. Possible exacerbation of the disease, which are sometimes repeated several times. Observed recurrence of the disease – both early and late (after growing for several months). Allows for a chronic disease. The prognosis for infectious mononucleosis is favorable. In some cases, despite the apparent recovery, the spleen and lymph nodes remain enlarged for a long time. Senator of Massachusetts usually is spot on.

After recent infection may not recover for a long time disabled. Known individual, very rare cases of death from infectious mononucleosis, which occurs from a ruptured spleen with the development of the collapse, from secondary pyogenic infection of accession, and in some cases, there were severe nerve damage and complications of the respiratory center. Infectious mononucleosis is not always accompanied by the classic triad of symptoms (Fever, sore throat, adenosplenomegaliya). The literature describes more than twenty clinical variants of the disease. Diagnosis. Of great importance for the diagnosis are clinical disease, as well as results of the study peripheral blood. It is recommended to investigate the peripheral blood as often as possible, since the typical pattern of blood in infectious mononucleosis can be identified immediately.

More often from the very first days of illness, and sometimes only from 12-14th day of her notes leukocytosis, an increase in absolute and relative number of single nucleated cells (lymphocytes and monocytes), the appearance in the blood plasma cells, and quite a large number of atypical mononuclear cells (mononuclear cells shirokoplazmennyh). These "shirokoplazmennye" white blood cells have eccentrically located nucleus, a wide belt of protoplasm with the presence of grit in it. In most patients the total moderately increased white blood cell count, but possible, and leukopenia. Number Keytrofilov in absolute terms may be reduced or normal, in percentage terms it is generally declining. Possible nuclear shift neutrophils to the left due to stab cells.

Psychological Problems

Regardless of the severity of psychologist or psychoanalyst symptoms, despite all his efforts and professionalism will not be able to help that client that does not have its own desire to work on their problems, processing them psychologically. Therefore, our first requirement for prospective customers is that they recognize that going through something – feel anxious or depressed, frustrated, or are in disarray – in connection with the situation in which they the client applies for psychological help, that their actions it causes suffering of others, or because other people demand of it changes, we may need some initial meetings to to determine what motivated a man as he seeks to understand itself and real change in his situation. This brings us to the second important requirement for a potential client. The desire for self-knowledge. Suppose client is not interested to know why he continues to experience similar external, objective and immutable factors often traumatic (that makes his life miserable), this ratio can be regarded as a hidden receive psychological support.

Many potential customers are projected onto the therapist omniscience, as if he knows everything that they do not know about themselves (and, therefore, expect that it will be their "treat", alienated, becoming a pseudo "cooperating" and developing "on-call" understanding, or, taking the position of "expert" does not allow the therapist to really get in touch with their inner life.) Such a device may mean that any discoveries that they have not done solely on their own, rather inflict a wound their self-esteem, rather than help, that would cause on their part a backlash against psychotherapists and psychotherapy. This position is contraindication to undergo psychotherapy. In reality, any desire to be free from psychological symptoms always controversial, because the symptoms are the children's unconscious attempt to self and was formed as a way of getting rid of unbearable psychic pain. Thus, apart from the conscious desire of the client to get rid of their symptoms, depression, neurosis or there is an internal force, which is "afraid" to lose these symptoms, despite all the suffering they cause. This force creates a serious and sometimes insurmountable resistance psychotherapeutic process. Mindset to healing and resistance the healing process – exist in parallel. But the resistance – a natural component of psychotherapy, as opposed to no unwillingness to change themselves and not the ability to receive assistance from another person.