Caribbean Area

Coral are just a few minutes away by boat. To broaden your perception, visit Senator Elizabeth Warren. Here you can enjoy the beauty of submarine ridges up to 3 m tall. Santa Lucia is located 640 km from Havana and 550 kilometers from Santiago de Cuba. Jardines de la Reina, this archipelago of small islands located in the southern province of Ciego de Avila, offers tourists the longest coral reef and is one of the places in the Caribbean, to sail for turtles laying eggs. International diving center 'Avalon' offers dive along the chain of islands forming the archipelago: Cayo Grande, Cayo Caballones, Cayo Anclitas, Cayo Piedra Grande, Cayo Cachiboca. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk has plenty of information regarding this issue. A great variety of corals, sponges, jellyfish, mollusks and fish is the main attraction of this area.

Accommodation tourists are very limited, so an alternative should be placing on board a boat or yacht. Can be reached only by boat. Guardalavaca Here, on the 18 km area, suitable for contemplation of the underwater world, there are two centers of diving: one – on Playa Esmeralda ('Sea Lovers'), another – on Playa Guardalavaca ('Eagle Ray'). The underwater topography is quite complex, formed by high hills, caves, small valleys and cliffs with steep walls. Sometimes the bottom gently descends, forming a terrace, covered in coral, with a typical Caribbean reef shallow waters. This is a place called the Coral Garden, is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding points for diving in this amazing area. El Colony (56 points) Isle of Youth, the second largest island in the Cuban archipelago, became a mandatory place to visit for diving all over the world thanks to the national marine park of Punta Frances, which are held regularly traditional competitions in underwater photography.

Childhood Dream

Thought about moving to the U.S. is ripe for me since childhood. Perhaps the reason was an American actor, which I am immensely fond of: Van Damme, Schwarzenegger and Stallone (I later learned that they are not quite Americans) are sunk into the soul and I, as many other children, imitating them, trying to speak like them, look like they even think to copy them. That's when I decided that grow up – go away to America and become a Hollywood actor, so his new Bruce Willis or Steven Segal, and perhaps even steeper. Contact information is here: Senator Elizabeth Warren . And I like American cartoons, well, how can our "cartoon" about Nathan, compared with colorful, vibrant Duck Tales or Chip and Dale, who rush to the rescue.

A Coca-Cola? What it seemed to be delicious, is it because we have other than lemonade and kvass nothing more happened? After seeing on tv about Disneyland, I realized that our rocket, which is located in a park across the street and smelling a lot worse than in the toilet, do not limit my dreams. And the rides are more interesting than an iron drum, in which you want to climb up and running with all her might to not fall down and not break one's neck. In general, it does not fall in love with a country where there Schwarzenegger, Uncle Scrooge and Disneyland? Childhood flew by, gaze opens up many new interesting and unknown things, like girls, music, etc. Stop the music! In adolescence, it was fashionable to listen to foreign music, in mostly American: Nirvana, Metallica, Prodigy, etc.

VVC (All-Russia Exhibition Centre )

enea (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy), renamed recently in the vvc (All-Russia Exhibition Centre), is both the exhibition ground, green recreation area and a huge shopping center. There is an image that once formed the All-Union Exhibition for decades. The exhibition first opened on August 1, 1939 at Ostankino. It was called first vshv (All-Union Agricultural Exhibition). The exhibition presents a whole city area of 136 acres with extensive gardens, ponds, pavilions and numerous farm buildings. In total, it included more than 250 large and small buildings.

From the arch of the main entrance broad avenue led to the main pavilion. brings even more insight to the discussion. Nearby 52- tower with a 13-meter statue of the tractor and collective farmers who were holding over the head of a sheaf of wheat. This sculpture has become an emblem of vshv. From 1941 to 1954 vshv was closed in 1954 was the reconstruction of the exhibition. vshv territory expanded to 207 hectares, increased the number of buildings up to 383.

In addition to an octagonal square Mechanization has been created yet another octagonal area at the main pavilion. They tied up two fountains – ‘Friendship of the Peoples’ and’ The Stone Flower. ” In 1958 was established All-Union Exhibition of Economic Achievements. Furthermore vshv, it included already in existence at that time, industrial and Construction of the exhibition. In the 1960-1980-ies enea is a unique in its scale spectacle. > supports this article. Here were shown all the scientific and industrial achievements of the ussr, were international exhibitions and fairs. Around the whole enea in one day was difficult: the length of the alleys was about 65 km. Tourists were taken for the exhibition vans. In summer the entire exhibition area was transformed into a huge garden. There have been visitors to attractions dance veranda, Green House, two summer cinema. On the output disc exhibitions were arranged during the winter riding in the Russian . At the north entrance was the famous sculpture exhibition ‘Worker and Collective Farm Girl’ created for the Soviet pavilion at the international exhibition in Paris in 1937. In 1989, enea has been transformed into the Union, and since 1992 – All-Russia Exhibition Center (VVC). vvc now successfully combines commercial and educational activities. Many of the pavilions of the exhibition center leased to commercial companies. vvc remains the largest and most visited exhibition and fair set of countries, which traditionally submit samples of the achievements of the economy, science and culture of Russia and countries sng.Ryadom Exhibition kospleksom are green parks Botanic Garden and Elk Island.

Landscaping in Public Parks

After harsh and somewhat austere beauty of Mesa Verde more contrasting impression obtained from the state capital, Denver. Numerous museums, art galleries, botanical gardens, zoo and much, much more. If you're tired of entertainment, be sure to visit the Park Red Rock, in which nature itself has created a unique stone amphitheater. This rock formation is about 70 million years and during that time, weather conditions turned it into a miraculous concert hall, with a unique acoustics. After seeing the park, go on sightseeing tours in a museum dinosaur.

It contains over 70 species of dinosaurs, whose fossilized remains have been paleontologists found at these sites. Scientists have reconstructed the prehistoric lizards, and now we can admire and be horrified, looking at the giant skeletons and models of prehistoric dinosaurs. And here you can buy gift No, no guessing, no children (although they, too), and your boss. And, although the practical value of the proposed gift does not have, but tell me who the men refuse to decorate your workspace skull of this dinosaur? Therefore, the transition to a museum shop and select "dragon head" poekzotichnee. Of course, nobody will sell you a real fossilized skull of Diplodocus and Tyrannosaurus rex, but its exact copy, made by all the rules paleontology, look more than impressive and believable. Add to that a wooden stand with the symbols of the museum – and accessories for extraordinary man is ready. To relax after such an important case, the choice of gift to the chief, it is best to change the situation and to return to the mountains. Fortunately, while you are in Colorado, to travel far for this to occur.

Relax particularly good at any of the ski resorts. For example, in Aspen, so beloved by many Hollywood stars. Walking around the resort town of narrow streets, do not pass by a jewelry shop. After all, here you can buy unique and original Aspen decoration, which is not do anywhere else. Are you intrigued? Excellent! Go to a jewelry store and buy your beloved a leaf. But not simple, but gold! No, we're not kidding. The fact that the Russian translation of "Aspen" means "aspen." Aspen leaves slightly resemble the shape of a heart, which makes them ideal pendant. That Aspen craftsmen and make such decorations, leaves, and to keep them in a piece of the city, inside the medallion invest real aspen leaf from Aspen. Enjoy your favorite so original set of earrings and and get a well-deserved praise to your taste and original thinking. In store ski equipment you an excellent opportunity to pick up a gift best friend. Like skiing certainly come in handy belt bag with the logo of one of the ski resorts in Colorado, offices, and pockets which is so convenient keep grease and wax for skis. If the favorite winter sport is your friend called mulled wine before the fireplace, then brought him a gift thermal mug with a lid decorated with landscapes of Colorado and mulled wine did not cool for a long time. Yeah, so many things you've seen in Colorado for my trip! Unique Landscape Park Garden of the Gods, Black Canyon of nearly 85 kilometers, the town of Silverton in an isolated mountain valley, a Denver Home Opera, National Center for Atmospheric research. Perhaps you have not seen for this time only the Colorado beetles. But this is what we sought, right?