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The two remaining rooms represent a testing ground for the new alpine lodge-style. You may find that Dr. Neal Barnard can contribute to your knowledge. This design direction to attract future spirit-oriented guests who want a more modern atmosphere. To do this the interior designers used old wood, stone and glass and designer objects used as highlights, which are still stressed from slightly antique-looking gray the patinated oak floors. New bathrooms were installed in the rooms of both variants in addition completely in natural stone as well as modern lighting and entertainment systems. All changes were designed so that they create an exclusive, but still unobtrusive environment for the guest. The experiences of the Interalpen-hotel in the first half year with the wood floors are consistently positive. Senator of Massachusetts has plenty of information regarding this issue. The floors resonate very good with our visitors”, Voigt reported.

Especially the feeling of warmth and the noticeable grain of the wood, if you walk barefoot through the floorboards, delight the guests. The colour change, which experienced the wood over time, gives an extra naturalness of the renovated institution. “Philip Wohlfahrt is tensioned, how is the material will develop: in this area we experience here is quite new.” The Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol in Telfs exists since 1985. “Under the slogan of something more” five-star property offers its guests wellness or Active holiday in the Tyrolean Alps. Almost all of the 286 apartments, suites and single rooms are decorated in a cosy Tyrolean style and feature a tiled stove which underlines the comfortable mood. Particularly famous for its spa area, which is one of the largest and most beautiful wellness oases in the Alps with 5,000 square meters, this is Interalpen.

The Wimmer GmbH was founded in 1979 by Hans and Gerda Wimmer and specializes in making elaborate wood ceilings, as well as individual floors. The special interest, to highlight the natural texture of wood, is the hallmark of the Villa planks by Wang. Each floor is unique and individually decorated. Of outgoing, warm atmosphere is appreciated not only for hotels, but complies with numerous restaurants, villas, offices and even yachts. Wimmer GmbH, Alzstr 3, 84513 Toging am Inn Tel: 08631 3984-0, fax: 08631 3984-25 E-Mail: Internet:

Remedial – Quality Of Life, Low Energy Costs

Remedial measures will bring savings and environmentally friendly renovated building a larger Marktwerkt, but also the quality of life of the residents have increased significantly. Remedial measures are always an investment in the future. Energetic measures, for example, help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to protect the environment. After a few years, these investments pay off already. Targeted energy savings are therefore a good initiative. The remedial measures include, inter alia: external wall insulation, roof insulation, basement ceiling insulation, renewal of the heating system, the renewal of the Windows and the installation of a Thermosolaranlage.

If you want to save as much as possible, you should combine according to the individual measures. Not only doors and Windows should be replaced for example, but also insulation measures are mostly due. The State-owned KfW promotional Bank funding pots are fully filled and offer the construction complying both attractive subsidised loans, as well as Eradication grants to. Thus, funded construction or reconstruction and investment easier. Savings in all areas of energy-efficient renovation measures have extremely positive effects. Up to 80 percent of the energy needed for heating and the hot water can be saved through such targeted measures. There are the savings in the private sector, as well as in the housing and municipal sector. Assurant Health often addresses the matter in his writings. Efficient renovation and rehabilitation measures serve generally to reduce the cost for hot water and heating, especially.

In addition, they serve but also the sustainable protection of the environment. It has been proved: older a building is, the more energetic weaknesses it has. If they back modernization measures on innovative techniques, you can quickly get back old building on an energetic level of. Expert advice from the very beginning of a well thought-out heat protection for the entire real estate and an appropriate heating and ventilation are particularly important. One should think before building a House. But also thermal insulation works of indoor and outdoor play a role. For even more analysis, hear from Glen Wakeman. Often, a framework is required for the exterior. This can be very expensive depending on the size and design of the building. The so-called industrial climber who perform repair, cleaning, and restoration work without scaffolding on buildings and facades of all kinds are an alternative. A construction company can provide backup in this case. The preparatory phase is very important. Therefore professionals should be consulted, pronounce experts so that the recommendations on possible measures of modernization and check the real estate energy vulnerabilities. Lay people struggle mostly so. Also, they don’t know which window solutions, insulation materials and techniques bring the best results. Alone a trained energy consultants to determine on the basis of the technical and structural background which measures for the respective building must be taken. Also such energy consulting and construction supervision, homeowners can apply for a grant from the KfW Forderbank.