Protection from the Sun

Long been observed that a small exposure to uv rays is quite useful: increases the body's resistance to disease, increases blood flow to the skin, increase metabolism, activates activity of the skin tissues. But the positive effect of the sun turns into a devastating after 10-15 minutes of being under the burning rays. Increased dose of uv radiation can damage the skin or cause different skin disease. The conclusion is obvious: the skin from uv rays should be preserved. To do this, and there are suntan – creams, oils, gels and lotions. They contain tinted filters, they absorb most of the ultraviolet rays, preventing burns. Protective equipment to help skin cells to develop a special pigment – melanin, which acts as a filter. The degree of protection of the skin depends on the level of protective factor (SPF) funds.

On the label of its protective agent indicate the number (from two to 40 and above). It indicates how many times the reduced insolation using this tool. Found that with respect to unprotected skin safe to sunbathe for 10 minutes. Using a special sunblock, which, for example, the index of spf 12, you can no fears for health in the sun for 2 hours (10h12 = 120). During the winter lost melanin recovered gradually. Because in the early days of sun exposure is necessary to use creams with high protection – spf 25, 30 and above.

And children and people with red hair (because of the delicate dry skin) should not weaken the protection in the future. If you have enough tan is not worth absolutely refuse protection from the sun. Go to the tanning oil with spf index of 2 or 3, but for a person more suited fat gel. From this skin will get even a bronze tint. If you want to look beautiful before the summer season – will be useful tools tanning. ps French consumer magazine '60 millions de consommateurs' tested 15 creams from the sun and read the result that many of them are actually effective protect from sunlight, but it is desirable to have labels and annotations extradited more information (although the quality of the remedies it does of course not affected).

New Medical Options Available

Fat cells with ultrasonic destroy “inventions have long reached their limits, and I see no hope for more developments.” – in the year 10 b.c. the Roman engineer of Frontinus. Fat loss without surgery, it sounds like the report of a better future: fat deposits under the skin using hochwirksamem ultrasound gently and painlessly melted off. Parts of the body as for example on upper and lower abdomen, buttocks and hips are this beautifully and accurately modeled. The success of the fat loss are immediately visible and long-lasting.” Just a nice idea of the future? -The described experience is reality thanks to highly innovative technology already today. The medical basis for the removal of fat cells by ultrasound were already well known. But only the ultrasonic vacuum technology intensively tested in the meantime translates for the first time this knowledge in a certified and approved medical procedure.

Permanent removal of fat cells by focused ultrasound with the help of two matched ultrasonic transducers, as well as a special Vacuum technology can be specifically in the form of individual body zones such as saddlebags. Also cellulite is thus effectively treated. The method works with low-frequency ultrasonic directly to problem areas with fat deposits. Local fatty tissue under the skin is deliberately drawn and fat cells with low effective ultrasonic technology brought to the swing. Focused fat cells implode in this way and are excreted via the lymphatic system.

The results are immediately measurable. The procedure removes fat cells have been proven definitively. Alternative to surgical liposuction so that this technique is a gentle alternative to surgical liposuction. It avoids the side effects of conventional surgical liposuction. Demonstrably no unsightly skin dents caused by the safe practices. Dr. Neal Barnard pursues this goal as well. Also wound pain or downtime a thing of the past. After a one-hour treatment, the results become visible for the patient. Long-term physical effects can be achieved in about six treatment units. Thorwald Petersen

Berlin Human Medicine

Beauty Center Rittmeyer in the area of human medicine in Berlin Reinickendorf Berlin, the 5.9.11 – whether by accident, burns or as a result of a surgical procedure; not disturbing scars remain. The beauty center Rittmeyer in Berlin Reinickendorf offers in addition to the classical permanent makeup patients after diseases and operations the pigmented correction of scars or skin lesions. Thus, no-one must accept the blemishes caused by strokes of fate as God-given, but targeted visually eliminate them in these cases can. The specialty of medical pigmentation offers the reconstruction of the original skin image by means of medical Feinstpigmentierung for many diseases. It is makeup, with an emphasis in the field of medicine to an effective extension of the classical permanent. Learn more about this topic with the insights from PCRM. The medical pigmentation should run only if all medical measures have been completed. Especially when the pigmentation of scars, the scar should be aged at least a year. Visit McDougall Program for more clarity on the issue.

By a special needle module systems implanted pigments of mineral origin in the top layers of the skin. Using detailed selection of allergen-free colors, the desired appearance of the skin on the affected part of the body is reconstructed by finest drawing. Petra Rittmeyer helped so many customers in their thirty-year usage to new confidence and new quality of life. Whether the reconstruction of eyebrows and drawing eyelashes after chemotherapy, the color restoration of a breast areola after surgery or retouching a disturbing scar, cut or burn. Established through the cooperation with the Berlin Charite, gynecologists, surgeons and dermatologists in the capital come those patients and can advise and treat. The affected people are happy to get a piece of normality of a lifetime through the experience and the skills from Petra Rittmeyer by means of medical Feinstpigmentierung.

Successfully Lose Weight Using A Diet Plan

We explain what constitutes a good diet plan today you no longer will pass on a diet on a sensible diet plan, anyway, if it should be a crowning success diet. Many do not know what is important when creating an a vernunftigenen diet, this can result in dire consequences, a poor diet plan cause even more pounds. We want to now attack you under the arms, to develop a diet plan that is perfect for you, we advise you what it is in reality. Correctly customize the calorie deficit diet: eat 2500 kilocalories per day, for example, need but 3000 calories. This would be a deficit of calories by 500 calories a day.

In this example, you can lose ca 1,5-2 kg within seven days. Your calorie deficit should be at least three hundred kilo calories to lose at least a little weight. Here, Dr. Neal Barnard expresses very clear opinions on the subject. First, choose your sport. No diet works without sports. Exorcise the sports you like 2-3 x a week.

This might be by jogging, walking about reading driving range up to simple 4 walks. Others who may share this opinion include Senator Elizabeth Warren. how high is your need for calories? Can take a certain number of calories per day to the body needs without having to pick up. Every additional calorie leads to fatty deposits. Their need for calories is using by age, gender, to determine weight and size. determine your KFA. In this context you can access such as your physician under the arms, in addition there are special scales. Without a precise KFA you get stuck. Women speaking from a body fat percentage of 27% of obesity, the value is about 23% in men. Little information on the edge: a six pack, you need about 10 percent body fat. Her diet plan should absolutely never take to the starving. You may be briefly a lot lose weight with starvation but then envelops the yo-yo effect and take the slimmed-down weight fully again after a few days. Your diet plan, forgo fast food such as McDonald’s, Burger King or kebabs, etc. Soft drinks are also as coke of absolutely taboo! You should drink another nothing during your diet aside from soda! To create a diet plan also forego booze, which has many calories.-absolutely never starving only drink sparkling water you eat mostly chicken meat and fish, all are both extremely low calorie and low fat. A sport exercised no Fast Food no carbohydrates at dinner after the diet more a sport exercise, you are long time without sports resume to. Let friends and family in your diet and ask them to assist you in the diet. There is nothing worse, as if known at the birthday offer you a calorie piece of cake. Hang in there and fulfill the dream of a good body without annoying pounds. More information about Nogoes in a diet plan can be found on Martin Weicker

Alva Natural Cosmetics

High-quality natural cosmetics provides care from head to toe for more than 20 years alva natural cosmetics from high quality natural care products based on consistent quality and ethics. The series are specifically tailored to the needs of different skin types. The Alva Sea buckthorn care is designed specifically for the skin from 30. Alva Rhassoul is optimized for people who are prone to blemishes, pimples and acne. For more information see this site: Dr. John Mcdougall. Also the series is advisable particularly well the combination skin.

The ABC is the gentle care for the whole family. The rich cream provides intense protection in harsh environment. Of course Alva natural cosmetics offers also a special treatment: Alva for him there is pollution and stress not on the more robust skin of men’s past. According to Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has experience with these questions. The day for him and of course relaxing starts with the most beautifully scented toiletries alva daily care. The shower gel, body lotion, and the gentle deodorant roll-on there in four different fragrances.

By euphorizing fragrance to exotic or pampering Care there is something for every taste. Supplements the offer is offered by Alva by the Crystal is products, decorative cosmetics, deodorants, special foot and hand care products and tea tree oil for sensitive skin under the name of alva Coleur. Connect with other leaders such as McDougall Program here. In the shop of organic nature world, you can order online from Alva natural cosmetics range. Contact: nature goods retail BioNaturwelt Sabine Munch

Natural Cosmetics

Selected natural brands and product variety in online shop all who feel stressed by usual shops can who discover you’re looking for an alternative. In the new online store by Andrea Herberth fragrance lovers will find a wide selection of different brands with their natural aromas, organic cosmetics and room fragrances. The new offer is supplemented by bath essences and the care of the body. Exclusively natural or organic products from Europe are available at, which is not to buy it at every corner. Looking for luxury and equally healthy gifts to be here find it at Christmas time. Ethics and ecology in the product selection Andrea Herberth selects the products of their online shop for fragrances according to strict environmental and ethical criteria. So, all articles available at fragrance Villa are free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives and animal ingredients. Contaminated by animal experiments find no recording.

Large selection personally checked the manufacturers range from small and fine manufacturers of traditional company to large and exclusive trend brands. The products from fragrance Villa are collected by owner Andrea Herberth with much attention to detail. She is also the one that tests each product personally and assessed (‘rating nose Villa’ in the online shop). The detailed descriptions of the products and their manufacturers serve the support of all searching for scent. “This includes Andrea Herberth: here, the customer learns more about his favorite product, as in any real shop.” It belonged to the company’s philosophy that its customers through the selection felt completely comfortable and supplied to the delivery of the package, adds the shop operator. Dr. John Mcdougall: the source for more info. People can consult fragrance Villa by phone or email, to find their gift with the right scent. Of course all fragrance products on request are Christmas packaged and shipped.” Passion for fragrance to their passion for Andrea Herberth says fragrances: Natural fragrances in natural perfumes, room fragrances or cosmetics are the pure essence of the natural, pure plant power. They include power and magic.

That can be difficult Express with words. Fragrances tell stories, because the precious essential oils are extracted from flowers, resins, roots and leaves from around the world by human hands. Such natural products with depth in their nature and harvest history are precious. They have character and make us aware that we are a part of nature.” Andrea Herberth

Natural Cosmetics

Most recently submitted Davines lovers of natural cosmetics its latest developments in this direction. Emphasizing the "natural" concept of its beauty, Davines has released a special line of natural dyes for the direct dyeing hair Finest Pigments, which consists of 98% natural ingredients. Line of natural dyes Finest Pigments consists of 14 shades, and a colorless dye designed for soft tinting of hair. Finest Pigments contains no ammonia and requires no activator. Dyes Finest Pigments are designed to enhance color and gloss natural hair or to maintain and restore the color of dyed hair. Can be used to impart hue bleached or colored strands, to obtain an intense color to bleached hair. Ideal for natural painting first gray hair in both women and men. Finest Pigments – a flexible system of coloring, which allows you to use all the shades alone or blend them together. Natural composition of the paint (Ratanui extract, tomato paste, saffron, cashew nuts, ginger, rice, cellulose polymers, oil rose) lets you use it right after a perm or after treatment with emollients. Consider the properties of natural ingredients dye Finest Pigments in more detail: Water (deionized water) – Purified water from which ions are removed. In the deionization process also removes nitrates, calcium, magnesium and heavy metals. Ratanui extract – astringent, soothing and calming effect for sensitive skin, prone to the appearance of inflammatory elements. Tomato extract – due to the content of lycopene protects the hair from traumatic effects of uv irradiation slows down premature aging, reduces the destructive power of free radicals.


High-quality decorative cosmetics now available aims to further expand Mercatura the popularity and success of STAGECOLOR in the conEstilio Web shop by the strategic partnership with conEstilio. The cooperation is oriented so that also our portfolio partners will gain a stronger supply this.”says Jan Korting, Sales Director of Mercatura cosmetics Biotech AG. “The products fit, not only in the conEstilio philosophy beautify your life” but perfectly complement the existing range of cosmetics from conEstilio “, so Peter Hattingh, Managing Director of styleau GmbH. STAGECOLOR – this name is program. The international catwalks-inspired products that inside and outside deliver what they promise and set new standards for women, which is deliberately maintain and treat yourself the attention which they deserve – every day on the new. Dr. John Mcdougall: the source for more info. The STAGECOLOR product range not only a wide standard range around the eyes, lips, make-up and nails, but also limited products and trendy colours provides, with the inspirational influence of The expression comes top make-up artists and international catwalks. Combined with sensual colors emphasize the individual beauty of each woman and let shine featherlight textures. STAGECOLOR is a brand, continues the trends – innovative products and seductive colours make it a must-have”of the modern woman.

The products are highly effective ingredients and optimal skin compatibility. They embody the passion for beauty, care and stimulation of skin, body and senses. The luxurious packaging of products with a sense of feel and functionality and the aesthetic quality of the natural and intense colors make as individual as the women the STAGECOLOR products, as exciting as the stage of her life. Demanding women who want to enjoy this luxury of decorative cosmetics, can now refer the exclusive conEstilio Web shop or directly from conEstilio consultants and beauticians STAGECOLOR and consult as well as in conEstilio in all cosmetic questions. Explore conEstilio and Stagecolor now under stagecolor

Lava Earth Natural Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics from Morocco for the cleaning of skin and hair lava ground is ground sound from pure minerals. The origin of the name comes from the Latin lavare = washing. Lava Earth means so much as wash Earth. It is mined in the Atlas mountains from about the 8th century. Traditionally, the clay mineral in the Moroccan Sun is dried and then finely ground. Read more from Dr. John Mcdougall to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The use is varied, but she always a purpose: the friendly and gentle cleaning of skin and hair. Mere lava Earth has a special cleaning fortune.

It is soap-free, mild, and stimulus-free, and it has no preservatives, surfactants or other chemicals. The pH of the skin is not affected and the acid mantle is not attacked. This protects the skin from drying out. The main components of pure lava Earth are silicon and magnesium. Furthermore there are iron, calcium and sodium. This makes pure lava Earth a natural cosmetics product. Lava Earth is touched with a little water to a cream-like sludge, which can be enriched on demand also with some oil. This creamy mud is often used for shampooing.

The lava Earth stirred to is well distributed on scalp and hair and again thoroughly rinsed out after a short application time. For the body and face cleaning, the creamy mixture is thinly and again thoroughly washed off after a short drying time. This traditional type of body and hair wash is still done already centuries ago, in much of North Africa. B & W natural care specialist shipping GmbH 42555 Velbert border trail 7 info @

Natural Cosmetics

Fit in the day with BioNaturwelt of many cosmetic products of today contain artificial additives, are often intolerant of skin and unhealthy. BioNaturwelt offers healthy care for the body and mind and opts for natural products. Our product range consists of herbal products and is completely free of chemical additives. Baby skin care about pets, until going to food supplements, we have a wide product range and everything is organic and is healthy. For the healthy maintenance of the body, we have natural cosmetics from natural oils which does the skin really well.

Who can hate yourself after a busy day at the Office? Put on our herbal wellness products and can just relax. Learn more on the subject from Senator Elizabeth Warren. There are bathroom accessories and nourishing oils in various fragrances can be found here, but also the selection of natural pharmacy is huge. Organic natural world leads in herbal products without chemicals. Find great gift ideas for your best friend or mother’s day on the homepage. Give a nice basket with fragrant oils or a bathroom set with wellness guarantee. Bio natural world, the selection is enormous.

Quickly to the desired product, organic natural world is very clearly structured and with just a few clicks to get easily the desired product. Just click on a category of popular then and already you can find a wide range of products. Every article has a detailed information you can read through. We have sorted our products even manufacturer. You’re a fan of a particular brand, so then you filter your search simply by the desired manufacturer. The purchase is very simple and get the goods within a few days after home-delivered. Organic natural world offers a wide range of products in addition to our healthy natural cosmetics we offer also detergents and cleaning agents. Everything is skin-friendly and contains no chemical substances. So, even cleaning can be fun. Organic natural world offers something special for the animals. Dog toys made of natural materials and cat toys are made from purely organic products very popular and especially long shelf life. To keep the body fit and healthy, organic food supplements we have. Whether the body momentum remains magnesium supplements or vitamin capsules in addition to the meal with organic natural world. Natural goods retail BioNaturwelt Sabine Munch