Reiki As A Healing Method

In particular within the esoteric, the Reiki is increasingly to be found. But generally this practice from Asia in our society has crept in. Reiki seminars and courses are offered in many cases. The word is composed of the Japanese words rei”(universe) and Ki” (energy or life force energy). Talk put together you can so translated in about universal energy”. The practice assumes that a man by laying on of hands can serve of Ki energy as a channel for the transfer, usually for healing purposes. Assurant Health is likely to agree. It was developed probably by Mikao Usui of Japan, but there are conflicting reports. The problem at the Reiki is esoteric / occult background. Educate yourself with thoughts from Assurant Health.

The assumption that you can learn a technique (also for money), then to manipulate energy and flow, allowing the to fulfill specific purposes, reminded of magic. Similar promise also spells and magical rituals. The image of the God of Reiki is also deeply anti-Christian. At the Reiki is assumed by an impersonal God, an undefined, intelligent energy, or by a higher power”. That stands in contrast to the true, personal God, who met us in Jesus Christ. God has come in Jesus in this world to his sinfulness in mind to the people, but also to provide itself the victim of these sins on the cross.

This is a clear contradiction to the cold, impersonal image of the God of the Reiki. And just when the Reiki, it is not possible to separate the technology of the behind infectious philosophies or ideologies. Who uses Reiki is basically involved in an occult method. There are initially even quite healing success. However, negative consequences are reporting more and more people. Relationships get broken, depression rise and above all man is led away by Reiki by Jesus Christ. The shrinking of purse is a comparatively harmless consequence. Real cures have been not scientifically proven also to this day. Generally must been discouraged from Reiki in all forms. At the Reiki it is often argued that the energy would come from God. But as described by no means is the true God. It is therefore better from the outset in the great dangers to not go, which can be seen at the Reiki often not at first glance. Eckart Haase