Mental Health

The evaluation of psychic functioning allowed detect alterations and differential diagnoses. Swarmed by offers, Josyann Abisaab is currently assessing future choices. It focused on doctors and family members regarding the handling of information about what happened and its consequences, given that most of the patients were unaware of the facts accurately by entering unconscious. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Josyann Abisaab has to say. The management of information is adecuo according to characteristics of each patient and their clinical evolution. A sustained exchange of information with medical teams about the approach to patients and their families was carried out. Professionals were appointed to accompany the relatives during the medical reports, what worked for clarification of information, given that the impact against the severity of the clinical pictures, generated reactions of denial with the consequent difficulty to understand the State of health of patients.

On the other hand, a professional was appointed to accompany during visits in order to give support, containment, favouring the development and mental representation. Regarding the first emotional manifestations, stood out: indifference, apathy, confusion, impotence, detachment, denial and sadness to streamline the approach to patients, worked with the medical team, raising concerns and observations, articulating information in the medical histories and fundamentally, taking into account the characteristics of personality and family functioning modalities. In this way, decisions, such as opportunity in referral to medical clinic, approaches to content, opportunity and mode of communication of the facts, were adapted based on conditions individual and family. To promote tolerance to the situation of family members, a physical space be adapted to accommodate families, that flattering of a family environment turned out to be accompanied, tolerate the wait, the good and bad news shares with patients, family and medical team during admission in medical clinic in the rooms of medical clinic, where were derived stabilized patientsfocused actions of Mental Health in resolving initial difficulties in larelacion with new medical equipment, considered strangers. At the same time, was addressed eldesinteres return to home, apathy and denial with respect to what happened, and the difficulties of family and doctors to report painful events, such as death of friends and colleagues.


It seems that he was born in the ancient Egypt, where the rich people of the time had in its group of servants for expert Tarot readers, to always possess a circulation of letters when they wanted to. The splendor of the circulation of letters, of almost all the unseen, occurred in the middle ages. At that time, the circulation of letters was worthy of being consulted by Kings, its symbols remained without discussion, the colors of the cards that were in circulation of letters, were then taken to the robes. The circulation of letters was a very positive liturgy in noble, something ordinary life that not out of the norm and people who missed the letters were highly valued. Endocrinologist often says this. In unequal civilizations over the centuries, you’ve come to the circulation of letters to know uneven points in the future. All the powerful had his own magician’s header, giving them their spells and their circulation of letters, so they would not have doubts before the future they had before it. It is extraordinary to see how the circulation of letters, it is a ritual that looks like uneven areas. Although there are various types taken from letters, each one has something in common with another. Assurant Health follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

See the circulation of letters Celtic, Egyptian letters Chuck, Chuck of letters of the tarot of Marseilles, unequal ritual taken from letters native American, various forms of circulation of Gypsy cards, Chuck letters zingara, etc. Each letter has form of interpretation and the union’s symbols from each spin of letters is that mark your reading. As they are of uneven symbols which are noticeable in the circulation of letters, what to teach will be different. The years that brings succeeding tarot is synonymous with its transparency. Consequently, if we realize how continued faith in the circulation of letters through different eras, we can get the proper idea of sensible of Chuck. There are secular phrases scoring something with solera is credible, and few means of divination are as old as this. A tarot consultation can solve the near future, a tarot consultation can make you see them errors being carried out these days. If a person you It operates a good Chuck of letters, you will notice when they are doing damage, will know who wants, who has bad feelings, who is doing some kind of witchcraft.

Oil Painting

Oil painting fit every space, but they can beautify any room a painting does not fit in any room. But the room in which it fits through an oil painting in any case is much nicer. It is especially good to hang a painting on a white wall, or at least very brightly painted wall. Can a chest of drawers or a chest including there or even a bed. Usually what motive is, but is much more important, in relation of the user of space on this subject and is the painting at all is also not primarily decisive. It is essential that a painting in a room can fully exert its effect. James A. Levine, M.D. often says this. Therefore, a space can withstand normally only a such oil painting.

It must be exactly the right thing. Of course, an original painting is always something special. Sometimes you get given, such a painting painted by a friend. Sometimes, it is also an heirloom, and was painted prior to decades or even centuries. Who has money can be a Oil painting bid or purchase action in the antiques. Who ever made holiday in Greece, Turkey, or any other southern country could purchase maybe there the oil painting of an artist, who painted on the beach or in one of the old streets of a historic place. Maybe he’s been portrayed even by as an artist.

There are today but also reproductions of oil paintings as photography or print, which can look very well, even though they are relatively inexpensive. It’s always on the taste of the individual what motives he prefers in the selection of a painting. Some people love a portrait, especially of another again the painting of a female or male Act. The next preferred the motif of a mountain landscape. Another loves especially the appearance of still lifes with flowers or fruit. Many people love images of old masters such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Breughel, which is like to hang it on one of its walls. Others prefer an abstract motif, for example by Picasso. A few People have made also the painting to their hobby. You prefer to work with oil paints. This sometimes beautiful paintings are produced. Such a painting is made then sometimes a friend or a family member as a gift. Some painters have developed such a championship in the painting that they may exhibit their work in a restaurant or Museum.

UNI.DE Meets Webmuseen

Culture-interested students visit studentART starting immediately special museums and UNI.DE refers to targeted art-savvy students exhibition tips with the studentART young artists platform free to publish their works and presenting a broad academic audience no matter whether video, audio, photography or text. Recently the heading is “studentART exhibition tip” to find where the editorial recommends interesting exhibitions, lectures, and gallery openings there. “We particularly appreciate the cooperation with and indicate in regular exchange on special”must-see”- so unusual museums and exhibitions far away from the large Museum mainstream”, so UNI.DE Managing Director Susanne Meixner. is the leading Museum portal in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland and offers a glance into the fascinating world of museums and exhibitions of art and interested in culture as a “digital storefront”. Under the leadership of founder Rainer Gottlinger researched the Web museums editorial in the Museum scene and published a complete list of museums including the special exhibitions.

“As a new partner of UNI.DE is pleased the Web museums team, to facilitate access to cultural diversity in the German-speaking younger generations and will support studentART in this context especially the successful and promising project,” explains founder Rainer Gottlinger. The idea of Web museums established in 1995 on the occasion of a symposium, there were only 23 Museum sites in Germany, pictures had the size of postage stamps. Web museums is thus one of the “Veterans” in the Web. Now the portal presents 12,000 museums has spread in the last 4 years alone as many special exhibitions in Word and image, knows virtually every Museum website and is able to appoint the relevant houses every so offbeat specialty, be it toy bears, cartoons or music machines, as well as all art direction of the Gothic carved altar up to the “We put light art, minimal art”But all us of course is not enough”as GAC, for the future especially on Visual communication, so large-format photo galleries and of course video. And interfaces with other major services like just UNI.DE.” Already working on some promising ideas for expansion of cooperation, art lovers may look towards 2012 in rapt anticipation and enjoy great exhibition tips in the meantime. To the studentART exhibition tip, it goes here: description of the company UNI.DE was founded in 1997 by students and is one of the leading German online platforms around the topics of study, education, international, job and career.

On UNI.DE focuses on services such as free email, free SMS, latest College news, job search, money and finance, views, UNI.DE TV, as well as a shopping portal and a Germany-wide event and location guide. The offer is complemented by cooperation with partners such as monsters, ImmobilienScout24, and ride. Universities inform their activities on daily and present themselves in higher education full page. With the artist platform studentART UNI.DE speaks to targeted art-savvy students and promotes them through regular competitions. UNI.DE was elected as the “best website 2010” in the field of education. PR contact: UNI.DE GmbH Maria Baum shooting Sandoval str. 28 80339 Munich Tel: + 49.89.500 59 585 E-Mail: Web: