Informative Brochure

The anatomy of the plant reflects the situation ambient, and can be some times a bioindicador. Click James A. Levine, M.D. to learn more. To have all these tools by hand are necessary basic knowledge of the internal and external structure of the vegetable. Anatomy of the Caule the association of caule with the leaf constitutes the system to caulinar, originated from the development of the embryo. Different of the root caule divides in us and entrens, with one or more leves in each knot. Depending on the degree of development of entrens, caule can assume different aspects.

The two main on functions to caule are support and conduction. The leves, the main fotossintetizantes agencies of the plant, are supported by caule, it places that them in positions favorable for the exposition to the light. The substances produced in leves are carried to low by the bast from caule for the small farms where they are necessary, such as regions in development of caules and roots. At the same time, the mineral water and nutrients are carried from form ascendant (for top) of the roots for leves through xilema of caule. Meristema apical of the system to caulinar originates meristemas primary as the joined ones in the root: protoderme, basic proexchange and meristema, that they are developed in the primary body of the plant originating: vascular epidermis, fabrics (xilema primary and primary bast) and fabric basic, respectively. The cortex of caule generally contains parnquima with cloroplastos. The intercellular spaces are ample, but to the times limited to the average part of the cortex.

The peripheral part of this frequent contains colnquima, made use in more or less continuous in layers laces or. In some plants, he is esclernquima and not it colnquima that it is developed as weaveeed of sustentation. The part most internal of the fabric basic, the marrow, are composed of parnquima, that it can contain cloroplastos. The secondary growth (growth in thickness) results of the activity of two meristemas lateral: the vascular exchange and the exchange of rind, originated from meristemas primary, basic proexchange and meristema of respective form. The vascular exchange will be responsible for the secondary production of xilema and bast in caule, resulting in the formation of a vascular fabric cylinder, made use radially. Comumente, xilema secondary of what secondary bast is produced in caule, as it happens in the root, not causing the destruction of the region to medular. With the secondary growth the bast is pushed for is and its cells of fine wall are destroyed. The staple fibres of thick wall only remain unbroken. As in the majority of the lenhosas roots, the formation of periderme after occurs the beginning of the production of xilema and secondary bast. Substituting the epidermis as protection covering, periderme consists of: feloderme, felognio (exchange of the rind) and to sber (felema) caules can present diverse modifications and play distinct functions in accordance with its necessities adaptativas, as aerial a example of gavinhas (they assist in the support), the underground in the case of tubercles and bulbs (storage of nutrients) and the succulent ones (water storage).

The Square

In the case we can raise the hypothesis of the ATI to be an element of attraction of this square, what it can be confirmed when we observe the graph of the main positive points, where 67% of indicate it to the users. Graph: ' ' reason that frequents praa' ' Reaching one it parcels out gigantic of the adult population and aged the cardiovascular illnesses appear as the first ones in ranking of the diseases that reaches this population. A found solution to win this ' ' guerra' ' practises it is it of physical activity being a good no-farmacolgica intervention. (FLECK; ROBERT, 2008). In this way, we can also understand that the square became local to exercise themselves and to improve, in some way, to the health. Graph: ' ' temporality that frequents local' ' The majority of the users frequents has some weeks or few months, and its main practical one is the accomplishment of physical exercises in the place.

Either it the use of the ATI walks or. Exactly having the ATI as main positive point and focus of use of the square, this does not mean to say that the users disdain the remaining portion, therefore all had affirmed to like it place and affirms to feel itself comfortable in it. Graph: ' ' positive point of local' ' The question security indicates that 40% of the users are felt unsafe in the place and this if must the using determined ones frequent that it in the period of the afternoon. These, as commented for some interviewed are using of drugs and contribute for the degradation of the square, either pichando equipment, either using them of inadequate form, intimidating the use on the part of some people. Graph: ' ' negative point of local' ' The unreliability was justified by description of assaults in the place (told for some of the interviewed ones), but the square in itself does not offer danger to the users, well is illuminated, makes possible a well ample field of vision, among others does not possess dark tickets that propitiated boarding places.

The Child

The school must identify and favor the potentialities of the students contributing in its performance while citizen, thus, to prevent the contact with physical concepts is to deprive the student to construct its knowledge regarding the world that the fence. The investigativa, exploring and curious nature to the child approaches it of the physics since the initial stage of its development, what it is not stimulated by the school, therefore, as detached previously, does not argue situations lived deeply for the children, mainly the related ones to the science that explains the phenomena of the nature. According to Oak (2002), it is very important it child to develop activities that they allow them to explore the physics knowledge as form to improve and if to point out in the world. For this the paper of the mediating professor while of the organization of the knowledge and the cognitiva structure of the pupils if becomes basic in the teach-learning process, contributing for giving a world vision to them, inserting them in its context, beyond becoming them critical to give contributions to the social environment. Understanding the importance of this subject, researchers and educators sciences have if dedicated to investigate pointing it the difficulties found for the professors of the initial series in approaching related contents, mainly to the physics. In one of these research, in which if physics searched to analyze the difficulties lived deeply for professors of the initial series when teaching and, in such a way, to understand the inclusion of activities not involving its study in its teaching action, three significant elements for the process had been disclosed. The first one, related to conception that the professors have on sciences and education, showed that this can be the impediment to implement proposal innovative introducing the contents of physics in the education of sciences in the initial series.