Publication of scientific articles in several stages, initially to agree on the theme of a scientific article with the supervisor, explains the editor in chief of the scientific journal "Economy of Sociology and Law." The second step is to actually write the text of the article. And the scientific article should be a part of your dissertation in scientific terms, in plain language – to reflect the basic elements of the thesis. Preparation of a scientific publication, a lot of effort, every graduate student or doctoral student is faced with this problem in the preparation of the dissertation for defense. Nevertheless, it is scientific publications demonstrate the scientific community, the main points and relevant elements of your thesis. Currently, scientific publications are one of the main ways the professionals and the public current research in the field of economics, sociology and law. I would like to note that the publications should be placed in specialized scientific journals. For example, the journal "Economics, Sociology and Law" is a specialized central scientific publication. The magazine can be placed scientific publications on economics, sociology and law. By submitting your article in the magazine, you get a scientific publication in one of the leading journals in Russia.