Sleeve Gastric

Obesity surgeries increasingly are more present in Mexico, second most obese country in the world, people are already doing to the idea that obesity is a serious problem and that we must finish with him to as result. Many times the diet and exercise are not enough and it is necessary quick results, so recommend obesity surgeries. Mexican medicine has advanced impressively, so doctors are 100% capable of performing these surgeries, are world-class medical specialists and hospitals are certified. One of most demanded obesity surgery is the gastric sleeve, below I present some of its advantages:-ensures that the gastric sleeve eliminating obesity – although the stomach is reduced, works perfectly – the part of the stomach that reduces produces hormones that stimulate hunger – minimal chances of ulcers – works as first stage surgerythen pass to another stronger – can be performed by laparoscopy – among many others the gastric sleeve is a very safe surgery and many patients can talk about them. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Liberty Mutual on most websites. Don’t let your obesity or simple overweight treatment then. Obesity is a serious problem that you affects you and those around you. Talk to your doctor about this or any other surgery of obesity and have a better quality of life.