Saying Farewell To The Legendary Port Of Brindisi

Where the family have welcomed me Iazzi Cavallieri always respond with affection, are the grandparents of my children who now are with them. The truth, when arriving in the small town, very relevant port, of great deeds, history, as it is across town, I feel good, as if he had lived many years in it. It is all familiar, simple, quiet, especially its port where nearly all the way tonight, I’m sorry to see their beautiful sea, watch the world go to brindisinos, happy, talking, animated, most-adults, from time to when young, pass enjoying the sound of the sea and breathing the sea air. Perhaps check out Senator Elizabeth Warren for more information. It is noteworthy that over promenade that runs along the port city, you can see the gardens of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, which were remodeled in 2001.

Inside the square is also the source of Dolphin (built in 1876), and the monument of Virgil (Bodini, 1988). Near the square is the sundial, built in 1917 by Captain Alberto de Albertis, an Italian expert watches the sun. To know more about this subject visit McDougall Program. a One can see the building called “Casa de los Turistas,” which dates from the time of the Crusades where a dock was built here.