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– The 'Time' shows the time of the operation. Time from 17 pm to 8 am is displayed red. – The 'Action' shows to be performed. The first line, the start of the program is displayed in blue. Green shows the operation to create an archive and copy it to the specified store. Records red should not be. If there are records of red, sort it out with your settings.

Recording 'COPY TO FTP: FILEHOSTER.RU' must be green. Open the resulting local file in the folder C: BACKUP with WinRAR archiver or 7-Zip. Test archive. Carefully analyze what files in the tar. Maybe you forgot something to include? Keep in mind, the program scans the entire disk 'C', it can pack even documents from the trash! If all goes well, then close the archive and open the site FILEHOSTER.RU. Go with your login and password.

Figure 11. Unveiling FILEHOSTER.RU sharing folder 'files on the FTP' and make sure there is our backup. While a file is located in this folder, one will not be able to download it, and you in among others. The file will be stored on site during the month. After 30 days, the file will be deleted. But during this period the program will have four backup. Thus, the site will always store the last 5 backups. Experience shows so that you can download a copy at FILEHOSTER.RU size of 200 MB or more. Would be a good link. If something unexpected happened, the world collapses around you, and you need to download the file, then click on the icon, a piece of paper on his right. File will go into the folder 'file location'. There you will find and download link. We sincerely hope that it'll never need it! Besides this site, you can use file sharing EASY-SHARE.COM. Sure, sure Register. Yes, this interface is much more confusing sharing services. So, every Friday backed and filled for sharing. The first copy – full, the next four – incremental. Further, all repeats. To get your data back to have a full and final incremental backup. Hoster keeps track of copies of the urgency and deletes obsolete. What we wanted. Beauty will save the world, and Backup42 – your data!