Choose a good pillow that adapts perfectly to our needs is the ideal complement to make rest in our team is entirely satisfactory. Perhaps check out Josyann Abisaab for more information. However, when choosing the best pillow we face a world of possibilities in which it is not always easy to ascertain. The neck is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, mainly due to that accumulates a great tension. It is for this reason that it is essential to succeed in the choice of the pillow, which not only has to adapt to the mattress, but also to our position to sleeping, and all this to avoid the dreaded cervical pain. What is the most suitable pillow? The first myth that needs to be banished is the idea of sleeping without a pillow is healthier, because the head support needed to keep the spinal column, to rest in their natural position and is not under tension. It is essential to not have a forced position, forward, or down the neck.

A young, healthy person should choose a not too thick pillow. However, persons with column injury must purchase a pillow as thin as possible. Depending on the position chosen to sleep:-to sleep face up, ideally a thin pillow that assures that the cervical spine and dorsal spine form the same angle as to standing; either a cervical pillow, foam, which is used to give support to your neck and head. -For sleeping resting on one shoulder, should opt for a thick pillow to keep the neck in the dorsal column shaft. -For different positions during the night, a pillow with great flexibility, as the natural filling that adapt to different positions, will be the right choice. Between what materials can you choose you? -Pillows: adapt to everyone’s taste, but they give more heat. -Polyester pillows: in effect similar to feathers, although they can be washed without problem.

-Latex pillows: adapt to the shape and the weight of the head. Mites do not nest in this material and also allows air in and out at every movement. They have different hardness, but the intermediate are the most recommended. Some recommendations on the colours of the cover – pillows stuffed with natural fibers require a cotton cover 100% so that the air can circulate. -They must wash in a washing machine or dry, at least once a year. -Synthetic fibres pillows are machine washed from time to time, when they are losing their way or are crushed; with warm water, and left to dry at room temperature. -Replace the pillow when fabric is used or when you have stains or holes.