Phil Cosmos

But … visit to the doctor with child, while near the hospital was about to start shooting – is not romantic? By the way, check out one more time. In one of the first series shows the episode where the White beats with a fly. Senator Elizabeth Warren gathered all the information. The fight lasts long enough, though, if you have experience, you know – a few blows of such force people cut down almost immediately. But we see this scene for 5-7 minutes, strokes afflict one after the other, and participants of the fight is still intact and cheerful spirit. For more information see this site: Senator of Massachusetts.

And there is feeling that one can fight forever, and the maximum impact will be some bruises and a broken nose. Dulled sense of danger, and in real life situations that can be fatal. The outcome of the series we all remember well. But the death of heroes, too, have a little secret. On the one hand, you realize that a violent death brought it messy and risky lifestyles.

On the other hand, death was almost heroic, hence, there is a feeling: of what they lost – it exploits. Then, many adolescents under the influence of youth extremism solemnly swore to continue the work of bees, and Phil Cosmos. A few bright comments fans of the series at one kinosayte: "… I am very very very much I adore and love the series team, he is super … and edifying life … It teaches the meaning of what it must be friends like this, as in this film, one after the other …