Tips for Aching Muscles Post-Workout

Sometimes riding a bike miles 50-60, and even more, and not on asphalt and dirt on the track, and sometimes carrying on their shoulders is great kilometer another face in the morning with such a problem as muscle fatigue. The muscles become 'hardened', slow-moving, sometimes you feel as strained muscle fibers. In order not to create a great article, which usually does not assimilate, no one remembers, we divide the muscles on the main group. In this post, let us take the leg muscles and their recovery after a hard day. First, briefly, and then in more detail: Exercising the legs, light load on the muscles of the legs nog.Massazh rukami.Ispolzovanie massager, the usual .

vibromassazhnogo belt or belt sauna There are a couple, but they are simple and banal: do not go anywhere and play and / or go to a massage therapist. Once persuaded, that the latter did not use the methods, although they also help. Now analyze the list of details: 1. Exercising the muscles begin their slow stretch. Sitting on the bed, alternately lift one leg off the floor up, with the toe of the foot pull over on itself.

Then the other leg. The most basic – is to listen to your body, start small, do smoothly. Repeat the exercise until you feel the heat in those muscles that had languished in pain. Try to raise the leg as high as possible, while not tilting and bending your back backwards. This exercise not only warms the thigh muscles, and ankle. That's all exercise, you can add one more thing. To stand upright, to find support, stand on tiptoe, one foot or the right left tear off the floor. If you have enough coordination, so please, stand on the toes of one foot per minute, or count to 60. The same exercise for the other leg. 2. Massage feet with his hands: there are no special techniques not know, apply Any massage that comes to mind, most importantly, feel like and how your muscles, you're the only person who can understand the validity and effectiveness of massage as well as the impact of each hand you feel feedback instantly. You can: rub the muscles, kneading them like dough, hammering his fists, ribs, hands, press down and poke them with a finger or fingers, use your knuckles as a natural massager, if you usually are not available, you can even tweak the muscle. The entire flight of fantasy to your feet! 3. Any massage that applies to the muscles, as improvised means, do not consider for a tautology, it is possible to use a pen, pencil, etc. Movement of all, the most basic: gradually pushes the muscle gently from the surface and in depth. 4. If you just too lazy to himself something to do with the muscles of the legs, you can wear vibropoyas (vibromassazhny belt) to enable smooth mode to start, and then add gradually the intensity of exposure. Or use the sauna belt, you can read about its use here. The most basic thing – do not use cheap imitations and do not see obozhgites, can wear it on the x / w fabric on this for now. Comment and ask, scold and criticize. The following article is devoted to the muscles of hands, although the principles are the same, but the exercises for the hands will be others.


Most often in these cases, the pressure is kept in the area of the upper limit of normal, but blood flow in optic nerve rapidly degraded, and hence, its function being violated ( Dynamics of the stages of glaucoma from primary to dalekozashedshey Treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma begins with the application of eye drops to lower IOP. At present, developed and submitted to the pharmacy chain a great selection of drops used in glaucoma. Among them are the main groups, those that reduce the production of intraocular fluid and those who improve the outflow of intraocular fluid. Sometimes necessary to combine drugs together. The second step possible to carry out laser surgery, if it fails to reduce IOP by medication.

Unfortunately, not every glaucoma laser treatment to be, this is defined in the survey ophthalmologist. The next step in the treatment of glaucoma – the holding of surgery is sometimes required reoperation. Fully cured this disease is virtually impossible – it is chronic. But at the time begun correct and consistent treatment of glaucoma, you can pause and maintain good eyesight. 'Tubular' vision as a result of partial atrophy of the optic nerve Treat with confidence to surgical methods, surgery may be your salvation in situations where other means have been exhausted.

Surgical procedures for glaucoma now well designed, carried out quickly and painlessly. Do not put off surgery – in treating glaucoma expensive time! During this disease depends largely on your lifestyle. Avoid physical and nervous overload. Limiting the severity of which is acceptable to raise, – 10 kg. Overload for you may become even weeding flower beds, if you're in the slope. Whatever you do – read, draw, knit, do not sit with bowed head and poor lighting conditions. Eat rationally according to their age, prefer vegetable dishes, fish, raw vegetables and fruits, limit animal fats and sugar. (For more information about the health of you and your eyes you will know the address:) If you a smoker – quit smoking immediately! Nicotine is bad for your eyes. For you is very important good night's sleep. If you have to leave home for a long time, do not forget to take the necessary eye drops. Based on materials from the site

The Next

If the mother determine exactly what the capacity of the heir, and together they form a Progressive tandem: the child will be doing things you love, and to pave the way my mother's talent. Today, many of who have made a successful career is to thank their mothers for high standards and support. ALWAYS THERE WORK IS GUARANTEED SUCCESS? A strong woman works a lot, because of their vital systems: it is ambitious, demanding, she surely must realize their talents and be ahead of the rest. In addition, a strong woman, not which found itself equal partner, we have to work hard to provide for themselves, often elderly parents and young children. It does not necessarily make a successful career or become a big boss – she working to elementary survival. Does she serves as chair of the head or an ordinary employee of the company, through its diligence strong woman destined to achieve great results. In an effort to fulfill all problem 'for five-plus', it is often taken on their shoulders more than able to run, and then was nervous because of the fact that not cope with the huge volume of work or do not do the job on time. Working life in a state endless race and continuous stress leads to a unique result – fatigue, depression, and "the accumulated fatigue syndrome '.

The latter, incidentally, physicians 10 years ago, officially named the diagnosis – disease of the age, which often slays business people from the rock workaholics. Lonely strong woman is transformed into a workaholic, because she was not one to rush home and thereby drives himself into a vicious circle: 'home-work', where there is no place Device personal life. A married woman is deprived of the happy workaholic time she could spend with his family. What to do? Allow yourself to unwind, relax on weekends and during summer vacation – infinite running in a circle can undermine health. If you do not care about yourself, think about the loved ones at least – they need you healthy and cheerful! The courage to say 'no' to the next instruction of the authorities or stunning projects that promise fabulous profits. Get rid of internal feelings, as if run over by train and if not vprygnite at the last moment on the bandwagon, he umchitsya forever. Nothing will come and the next.

As see strong women is not as perfect as it seems at first glance. They have such omnipotent, it turns out, also has its shortcomings and internal problems. Perhaps chief among them lies in the fact that intelligent and educated, they sometimes forget the ancient world as the idea that the strength of a woman in her weakness. If the strong women learn to accept help from the men share the responsibilities and assignments with colleagues with his household, and most importantly – learn to trust people and will no longer shoulder the excessive burden of responsibility for all and all, maybe then these beautiful creatures in all respects not even have to become stronger. Source: Women's portal.


In the process of germination is important that was always a pot lid. Of the 400 g of seeds obtained 1.5 kg of soybean sprouts. Germs may well replace the greens, they are very nutritious, cooked quickly (4-5 minutes).. Before preparing any foods they need scald with boiling water. Soy sprouts can be dried for storage in the oven. From immature soybean seeds can be gotorit tasty and nutritious canned food, and use for soups, sauces, etc., but to extract seeds from beans also need some additional training.

Beans need to drop 5 minutes in boiling water, which will facilitate the extraction of the grains. Soy milk. Rich, mellow, sweet drink a light cream color. On nutritional value equivalent to cow's milk, but unlike dairy products ene contains lactose, so it can be consumed by people with allergies and even babies suffering diathesis, and those who contraindicated the use of cow's milk. Soy milk in cooking can replace cow's milk, it can cook oatmeal, milk soups, pancakes, etc. It is a valuable source of B vitamins soybean oil. Liquid product is amber in color with a nutty flavor and a pleasant smell.

Srderzhit body needs acid, vitamins E and C, sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. It is useful to enhance immunity, improve metabolism, normalization of the bowel, people suffering from kidney disease and nervous system. Tofu (bean curd). Tofu is a product of the consistency of soft cheese, almost odorless, light cream color. Characterized by high full content of vegetable protein, comparable to the protein amino acid composition of meat.

Intestinal Diseases

And we do not want to hear about such things or discuss them. But is not it important for good health and cheerful mood? Even in ancient times Hippocrates said: "Death begins in the colon." If you do not pay attention to the large intestine, it can cause serious trouble. For example, diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease or cancer often has no other method of treatment, but only surgery … Doctors try to treat diseases of the intestinal tract but sometimes they are not able to delve into the causes of illnesses of each patient. And if we can somehow avoid such problems with the intestines? Retrieved on what we can, and best way to do this – prevention of natural resources. Who of us in childhood during cold infusions are not watered plants or decoction of herbs? Similarly, plants are widely used in more treatment of gastro-intestinal tract. Especially now, on hearing the so-called tea Holy Tea, or, in other words, "holy" tea. This herbal American Dr.

Miller has over 20 years renowned for its cleansing properties. Unusual the name of tea was named after the main component – a thistle, which is in common is more commonly known as holy thistle (Marin thistle, milk thistle, milk thistle, etc.). It is possible that it somehow linked with gratitude that consumers of tea sent to the heavens for such a wonderful drink. Their feelings and impressions of the reception of tea, many of them continue to send to the site on 'Guest' Along with thistle in the Dr.

Health Benefits of Dancing

Start dancing can be virtually any age from very young to quite respectable and respected. Dancing is good because that is completely harmless to health and do not require high-power loads: the body Novice dancers gradually gets used to the increasingly complex challenges that arise during training. In addition, studies at a rapid pace and with great physical exercise alternated with slow, not requiring a large tension movements. Dancing perfectly develop coordination of movements. Indeed, the dancers are very rarely clumsy and sluggish. A person engaged in dancing, fine maneuvers in the crowd and never with sshibet down an old lady with a cart and never comes to dog or cat's paw. Dancing promote the development of good posture and a beautiful gait. Even if you've seen the dancer with a competitive platform goes stooping, and his Clumsy partner – in any case do not think that it's a dance lessons.

Just terrible partner squeezes under the arms and coat it, so come to one of the pirouettes dance to his partner's foot with his heel – after such any start clubfoot! Dancing develop the respiratory system of the human body. Indeed, the only professional dancers can be worn at breakneck speed across the parquet floor, executing intricate steps, and not for one second stopping to discuss with your partner many shortcomings of their opponents, judges and her partner's mistakes. Dance classes really help get rid of the regular colds, bronchitis and even easier course of the disease in people suffering from asthmatic attacks. It is known that dancing prolong life, promote the maintenance of general tone and you can save a person efficiency and vitality to last days of life. Even when you first started working when put newlyweds wedding dance, you feel that in your life, something changed.

Whether you've ever come across a dancer on depressive pension? You will not find ever! What dance could be harmful? Alas, the dancers also has weaknesses: it is, oddly enough, his feet. Problems with your feet – this is actually a problem with shoes. Footwear – this is just on what the sport can not be save. Shoes should be soft, comfortable, and strongly desired size and fullness. If this is the first dance of the newlyweds, then training is necessary to choose a wedding dance shoes that would match the one in which will be run number. Mismatch growth partner and your partner may face curvature of the spine. Therefore assumed that the ideal difference in growth partners 10-15 cm, and this is dictated not only by aesthetic concepts, but a kind of 'operational necessity'. However, the curvature of the spine can be caused by incorrect position of the dancers in the European dance – so dance is bad – bad for your health!

Decorative Embroidery

Decorative embroidery and is still used for clothing decoration. Nowadays, sewing perfectly joined together in a traditional and contemporary creativity. Just do not be amiss to explore with students what the pattern, rapport, the types of ornaments, embroidery techniques, types of joints. All this knowledge will help to create an aesthetically beautiful, comfortable and original things. In order for there knowledge in lectures students learn the types, techniques of embroidery, sketching, learn circuits perform manual stitch, recording a phased sequence of their implementation, study materials, tools, devices for the embroidering. Embroidery techniques are very diverse, although preference is given to Richelieu and coats. Embroidery light silk, linen, fine cotton is widely used various kinds of , openwork embroidery and loins net.

Popular form of decoration is a decorative applique, released on the background of the product color or contrast of the surface, velvet, satin or shimmer metallic thread. For clothing use braid, cord, silk yarn, worsted, floss, woolen and synthetic yarn, textiles, natural and artificial suede, leather, paint, lace, sequins, beads, pearls and glass beads. In practical classes using charts and records, and also clearly shown in the teacher performance embroidery techniques, students learn to perform first the different stitches, and then try to apply them in the embroidery of any ornament, pattern, motif. Skill comes only after how the student has repeatedly served as embroidery different techniques. Necessary not only to choose the right, put the picture on the product, but also to choose the color, size, pattern and material, which will be executed embroidery. Embroidery to decorate a product to complement it.

Sense of proportion, sense of beauty should help. No wonder such a thing as aesthetics studied not only in school but in high school. Fashion – a capricious lady, which leads people to dance to its tune. Why forced? Factories, companies, fashion houses, producing clothing, sewing items relevant to the current, next season and we are forced to buy what they sell. To justify or support the fashion to say that she became more democratic, gives us the freedom of choice and allows to show individuality in design, finish the costume. Students will easily be able to decorate his costume and acquire knowledge, skills in the field arts and crafts, namely embroidery.

Choosing a Mailing List

Advertising in other people's lists – certainly one of the most profitable ways to invest advertising funds. Let's leave after this article consideration of these benefits, and learn with precision sniper shots to choose most "profitable" from the mailing list to place them in your advertising Thus, the first thing you should remember – is that the issue of dispatch does not necessarily have to be 100% identical to the theme of your information product, product, service or service (which we, in fact, we advertise). Firstly, this happens not so often. At least much less than the mailing with the subject related, but much better. About how determine the quality of deliveries, we will talk later, but for now remember – you are not interested in the topic itself chosen distribution, and what might be interesting to its readers.

Because, ultimately, your advertising will read it Subscribers of this list, so that in any guided on them. Secondly, quite often you have to "cheat" in order to get permission from the author list for the publication of advertising (as a rule – on a commercial basis), or articles and other free content (there could be as agreed). I mean that the owners are really popular Internet mailing lists are usually "spoiled" a variety of proposals from advertisers. incredible, so if you ask them to really cool stuff – they are without question post it in itself;). Second. How to choose a proper mailing list to contain its disk imaging? Well, first, to visit a service dispatches.

Finding the Right Pediatrician

Finding the right pediatrician is often a challenge.  It’s important to find someone who will make you comfortable and who will be reliable and reassuring.  Here are some tips for finding a pediatrician who will fit your needs and help you as you raise your children.

1.   Location: Certainly, if you have a few children, you’ll be seeing the pediatrician often.  Make sure to select someone whose office is not too far away. This will also help when a child is sick and you want to get to the pediatrician quickly.

2.   The Whole Practice: Just because you love your pediatrician doesn’t mean that you love his co-workers.  In most pediatric offices, you have to see other doctors in the practice at times in addition to your own pediatrician. For this reason, make sure that you like the other doctors in the practice and ask to meet a few of them before making up your mind.