New Year In History

Who invented the New Year? Many of us do not even think about it. We are accustomed to celebrating it every year and look forward to this cheerful, old-fashioned celebration that brings joy to our house and a lot of gifts. And he enjoyed, regardless of age. New Year – a holiday that unites people who are forgotten in all the turmoil and trouble. The custom of New Year celebrations originated in Mesopotamia, was associated with the spring rebirth of nature and celebrated in March. From that day began with all the major events was forbidden to administer the courts and to work within 12 days. Since then go custom on New Year's gift to each other all kinds of gifts and souvenirs.

In the 14th century Russian Grand Duke John V. III formally approved the decision to consider the start date of New Year on September 1. The reason for this was that on this day in Russia collecting all taxes, quit-rent and other existing at the time taxes. Last September 1 New Year celebrated in 1698. In 1699 Peter I issued a decree set a new date for New Year celebrations – it's Jan. 1, ie, the most cherished number, which makes already on the eve of fight our hearts in joyful excitement and forget about all the problems. Already in 1605 the French were first dressed green beauty, adorned with flowers out of colored paper, apples and biscuits.

Although the veneration of a Christmas tree, as a symbol of protection of the home from evil spirits, there was a Germanic tribes long before the adoption of Christianity. This tradition spread to Germany first and then gradually throughout Europe. Initially, Simple Christian tree is a luxury, so only the wealthy nobles and merchants could afford it. Only in the second half of the XIX century, a Christmas tree has become available for the luxury of ordinary people. In addition to the trees and decorated with pine and cherry trees. In the early years of the Soviet Union to celebrate Christmas and decorate the Christmas tree was forbidden. But already in 1935 organized the first Christmas party, which was also a Christmas green beauty. After that legitimized the New Year celebrations. The first Christmas ball was made of the 4th century glassblowers ago. A mass production of glass Christmas decorations began only in the middle of last century. New Year's Eve 2010 – the largest holiday of the year, which was eagerly awaits each of us, especially children. To no one is left unattended for a holiday gift would be a nice virtual Christmas cards, which are at least forced to smile you love the person. A New pictures will help you prepare for the holiday with the decorative side. Therefore, it is great that such a holiday there and gives us joy and merriment.