Natural Cosmetics

Selected natural brands and product variety in online shop all who feel stressed by usual shops can who discover you’re looking for an alternative. In the new online store by Andrea Herberth fragrance lovers will find a wide selection of different brands with their natural aromas, organic cosmetics and room fragrances. The new offer is supplemented by bath essences and the care of the body. Exclusively natural or organic products from Europe are available at, which is not to buy it at every corner. Looking for luxury and equally healthy gifts to be here find it at Christmas time. Ethics and ecology in the product selection Andrea Herberth selects the products of their online shop for fragrances according to strict environmental and ethical criteria. So, all articles available at fragrance Villa are free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives and animal ingredients. Contaminated by animal experiments find no recording.

Large selection personally checked the manufacturers range from small and fine manufacturers of traditional company to large and exclusive trend brands. The products from fragrance Villa are collected by owner Andrea Herberth with much attention to detail. She is also the one that tests each product personally and assessed (‘rating nose Villa’ in the online shop). The detailed descriptions of the products and their manufacturers serve the support of all searching for scent. “This includes Andrea Herberth: here, the customer learns more about his favorite product, as in any real shop.” It belonged to the company’s philosophy that its customers through the selection felt completely comfortable and supplied to the delivery of the package, adds the shop operator. Dr. John Mcdougall: the source for more info. People can consult fragrance Villa by phone or email, to find their gift with the right scent. Of course all fragrance products on request are Christmas packaged and shipped.” Passion for fragrance to their passion for Andrea Herberth says fragrances: Natural fragrances in natural perfumes, room fragrances or cosmetics are the pure essence of the natural, pure plant power. They include power and magic.

That can be difficult Express with words. Fragrances tell stories, because the precious essential oils are extracted from flowers, resins, roots and leaves from around the world by human hands. Such natural products with depth in their nature and harvest history are precious. They have character and make us aware that we are a part of nature.” Andrea Herberth