Most Harmful Drink

According to the results of the study of overseas experts most harmful drink in the world was a milkshake with all sorts of ingredients. In the research were to test a large number of drinks. And the most pernicious experts dubbed not something unusual, and cocktail mixes milk with peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. A small dose of the drink actually contains daily requirement of calories for healthy guys. And besides this milk drinks daily serving of fat is exceeded by three times, and it is harmful to health. And on the figure of the use of such a drink will affect not the kindest way. Probably for every inhabitant of our planet is no secret that sell us all so dearly loved milk drinks of course, with disastrous for our body fastfoods (french fries, chips and burgers), while enjoy continued popularity. However, anyone has good reason to vote for themselves, eat yum-yum or own zdorovitse, need it. Scientists warn, well zavsegda choice for us!