Mind Over Matter

"As a man thinketh so shall", so be careful with what you're thinking!. People who have achieved success in life always have something in common, attribute their achievements to their thoughts, such people are usually positive thinking, think they will accomplish their dream and actually get it without the slightest doubt, regardless of the circumstances that surround them. One day I asked Henry Ford (the famed owner of one of the most successful companies in the industry aumovilistica), Mr. " Ford, he would do if at this point lost all his fortune? , And he answered, simply start again and again five years to get everything I have at this time, go thought, do not you think?. The next time you feel that you are a failure or that you think that you will not succeed, I recommend that you change your mind drastically and see that life will surprise you, success will come to you when you least expect. One technique that helps me to machismo success, all in your thinking and way of looking at life, if you think you will win I assure you it will, if you decide to think that you lose, well I assure you it will, and I tell you something, in the two ways of thinking you succeeded because you get what you were thinking, after the failure does not exist, in both cases will be successful, do not you think?, what kind of thinking you think you should take from now on?. I wish you every success, health and prosperity for you and those around you. Juan Antonio Vila Saenz Omnilife Independent Commercial Dealer.