Medical Treatment Of Anemia

The medical treatment of anaemia is highly variable and depends on the cause and severity of anaemia. If anemia is mild and is associated with any symptoms or minimal symptoms, a thorough investigation by a specialist physician is carried out in the outpatient setting (doctor’s Office). Also can cope with anemia home remedies prescribed by the doctor. If for any reason a symptom of greater attention is then appropriate treatment will start. For example, if anemia is mild and is associated with very low levels of iron, then, be administered corresponding iron supplements can be administered at the same time a further investigation to determine the cause of iron deficiency is carried out. On the other hand, if anemia is related to blood loss sudden injury or a stomach ulcer where rapidly bleeding occurs, then will be a hospitalization and red blood cell transfusion, this procedure is necessary to relieve symptoms and replace the lost blood. New measures to control bleeding can be done at the same time to stop blood loss.

Blood transfusion may be necessary in other less critical circumstances also. For example, an individual who is receiving chemotherapy for cancer may be provided by the respective doctor to have bone marrow chemotherapy-related problems. Therefore, the doctor can check symptoms of anemia and blood counts of routine, and if levels reach a level as low enough, he or she may order a transfusion of red blood cells to help with the symptoms of anemia.