Medical Insurances

On Medical Insurances, Google swindles to us? It is important to give to the users " verdaderos" results when they are looking for a key word in specific. Google is powerful and " magnnima" company obtains that it with masters. Nevertheless the results not always obey to which it looks for by the people. It is very difficult to be able to position by a key word and the one that knows a little simple CATHEDRAL or marketing in knows it to Internet. Google and to its famous take us algorithms to the ruin or to the success, it depends on where it places to us, depends on how it values to us.

And he is entirely exhausting that suddenly we see fall our traffic by evil drastically handling of Google, its extreme algorithms, errors and changes. Nevertheless the intentions of Google are " buenas" , since one talks about to eliminate " malhechores" and/or the alive ones, that tries to demonstrate to quality in their Web with doubtful tactics of CATHEDRAL and natural positioning when in fact it is not it. Doubt that is important the unique contents, of quality in Internet and Google does not fit it tries to give best the search to its users, but Google equivocation or takes rather it to be mistaken they deceive, it and falls in repeated lies. Therefore the results search are not real and I try demostrrselos. If a person is making this type search, that is to say if somebody keys in the finder these key words: medical insurances Miami It is because indeed it needs information on a medical insurance or a health insurance and assumes that in the majority of it needs it to the cases because it wishes to apply for a medical insurance.