Makeup Cosmetics – Cosmetics

Make-up colours – basics for a beautiful complexion In the Middle Ages was a beauty ideal still the pale complexion. Usually the toxic lead White was used to achieve this. In our age, Kosmetikaartikel are manufactured from a health perspective. Often used zinc oxide, titanium dioxide or talcum powder, rice flour, comes. Colors are made from safflower or Carmine. In recent months, TreeOf Life has been very successful. Popular, also Schnouda, a colourless mixture is vonAlloxan, which turns the skin red. When the lipstick was invented in 1915 this gave the cosmetics industry a huge boost.

The financial expenditures for cosmetics of whatsoever increased among women. In the trend were lipsticks and mascara. Pioneers in the field of the Kosmetikaherstellung were at the time such as Max Factor, who created the look of stars such as Greta Garbo. the term “Makeup” is attributed to hence. Kaschierende Schminke (camouflage) is used mostly to cover skin errors – as also medical cosmetic.

Cosmetic cosmetic makeup should enhance the broadcast. It serves mainly the emphasis of physical attractiveness and the lamination of small stains (wrinkles, rosacea). Women, but increasingly also men of course mainly used this makeup. One can say that the decorative make-up adheres to the respective fashion trends. Medical makeup used for lamination of skin lesions, scars, moles, etc.. Accept most health insurance costs. Fully in the trend is the new makeup series series of LR LR colours make-up