I discovered that the love is a great pretty feeling for signal, but the times can very be complicated, mainly when we make of it a mountain out of a molehill. Also I discovered that what destroys a great love is the plans and cobranasas illusions and this always was my bigger error, I do not know to love without planning, charging to delude, me, I wait very of the people and always I finish suffering in the end. But it is only when we perceive the tears draining for the face because of it, that we repent and want we forget it, but that one whom it on the inside drains of us does not add, is not erased and nor if it forgets, at least will be true. Everything that is or that one day was true if becomes a good souvenir, of that we make to feel homesicknesses. But in deep no matter how hard the love is complicated I and much people we do not want to be without sentiz it, therefore everything in the life has its good side and bad, when if it deals with feeling, the good side is well bigger. To each disillusionment that we have, a teaching that perhaps without it, never we poderiamos to acquire. It loves, therefore the life without love does not have favour, at least mine not to its?