Lava Earth Natural Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics from Morocco for the cleaning of skin and hair lava ground is ground sound from pure minerals. The origin of the name comes from the Latin lavare = washing. Lava Earth means so much as wash Earth. It is mined in the Atlas mountains from about the 8th century. Traditionally, the clay mineral in the Moroccan Sun is dried and then finely ground. Read more from Dr. John Mcdougall to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The use is varied, but she always a purpose: the friendly and gentle cleaning of skin and hair. Mere lava Earth has a special cleaning fortune.

It is soap-free, mild, and stimulus-free, and it has no preservatives, surfactants or other chemicals. The pH of the skin is not affected and the acid mantle is not attacked. This protects the skin from drying out. The main components of pure lava Earth are silicon and magnesium. Furthermore there are iron, calcium and sodium. This makes pure lava Earth a natural cosmetics product. Lava Earth is touched with a little water to a cream-like sludge, which can be enriched on demand also with some oil. This creamy mud is often used for shampooing.

The lava Earth stirred to is well distributed on scalp and hair and again thoroughly rinsed out after a short application time. For the body and face cleaning, the creamy mixture is thinly and again thoroughly washed off after a short drying time. This traditional type of body and hair wash is still done already centuries ago, in much of North Africa. B & W natural care specialist shipping GmbH 42555 Velbert border trail 7 info @