Ketosis During The Low-carb Diet

An enzyme defect is responsible, if in some people the glucose in the brain can be burned incompletely Bruchsal January 11, 2010 – is suspected, that the ketosis takes a positive influence on the activity of brain cells, for example in epilepsy patients during the low-carb diet. The cellular respiration in the brain is increased if instead of glucose (= sugar = carbohydrates are transformed in the body into sugar) ketone bodies must be burnt to produce energy from the body. An enzyme defect is responsible if the glucose in the brain can be burned incompletely in some people. There is also the possibility that no sufficient amount of glucose in the brain arrives at these people and the so-called glut 1 defect is responsible. Dr. Jorg reported Klepper (pediatrician) from the children’s Hospital in Aschaffenburg, Germany already several years ago in a magazine of resounding successes.

“His study: 94 percent of patients (glut 1 defect) with ketogener food” were of epileptic Free spells. A ketogenic diet (nutrition) is a reduced carbohydrate, protein, and high fat diet. Are no carbohydrates (sugar, all food from flour, potatoes, rice, sweet fruit, milk sugar) more flow, the body must seek other energy sources and that is the fat. This is a very good source of energy for muscles. As there are more now any carbohydrates in the body, the body converts fat into ketone bodies.

It’s called ketosis. Ketone bodies have a hunger nursing effect! “” There are many scientific studies that prove that the bad cholesterol LDL “drops and the good cholesterol HDL” increases. Also the blood glucose level remains within the optimum range. Company information: Jutta Schutz is author/writer/journalist/teacher/psychologist.