Ironic Destination

People whom they needed to meet, kill the homesickness that the much time seemed hidden but, come tona. Looks are changed, and at these small moments some words are said. as if the night if disclosed unusual, an emotional overturn happens and all the ones that seemed to be with the control on the most diverse situations. Now they meet in the perpetual quandary. ‘ ‘ it is the things are not more as antes’ ‘. At last as in any thing all dumb one.

What it finally needed the much time to be seen happened. Making with that the reality came tona. the sensation of being able was lost one more time. Now with real tests, and sights by rough estimate naked. At last quandaries, things of the destination, that allows in them to think. no matter how hard the feeling lasts and the pride seem to be stronger than we. The reality beats our door, and of the one skill of showing in them that what perishes, nor always it is. that the control on a person can be lost in one to blink of eyes.