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You see them looking at their watches often, counting the time consumed and time remaining. Nobody likes to be without knowing what time of day is what day of the week, month and which year is living. Our society worships him at the time. We have not only watches of all kinds and appearances. We also have almanacs and conducted celebrations each time that anniversaries are met. Running out of time creates more anxiety that remain without a dime. How many times we’d have more time. Take the time back.

We would like to be more with our family fun or sleep for longer; live more. But that not only resource is the most valuable, also is that we consume more. Fix you have to invest it not as the money only on occasions. Of course we spend time every moment. For everything we need it.

But that is not the worst. Using it would be perfectly reasonable. The problem is that we abuse him, Miss him in the trash and invest in unproductive things. I do not speak necessary leisure or fun. We need those to rest and be more productive when we return to work. Rather than speak of how badly we sometimes organize our time, our schedules. In the periods in which we could make 20 tasks only we managed to conclude or start 3. We had us putting off everything. Like this evil we administer the most estimable of our resources. We behave as if we still. But believe me, the feeling is nothing but a deceptive illusion. No extra time or nobody knows with certainty how long account. This could be your last hour of life, or mine. Just to think what we care about not having more time to spend. However, most reasonable is that we invest a little bit of that resource in thinking how to use it better. Make plans, we project our most important activities. Prepare us for the future and think of tomorrow in advance. That way we will gain much time that you can use to reach goals and additional dreams. The day on which almost no us is time come. Let us try at least that at that point the satisfaction of good use we made of him is us.