Most parents, unfortunately, believe that providing proper education to the child and podnakopiv for him money for an apartment, they function as parents is over. But how successful and happy people among those who received higher education? And if all people enjoy life while living in their apartments? Thus, education for your child a millionaire mind starts from infancy. You are the first years of life your children have to pay attention to what they have inclinations, than they like to deal with. Most likely, your child will have several interests, but not all of them can become in the future, his favorite thing. Therefore, your main task – to help the child to recognize his calling. Each parent can choose their own way of education and development of their child.

I merely suggest that his way, and you can modify it to suit your abilities and capacities. As soon as possible to notice all the interests of your children and promote their development. Encourage them, cheers. Make up like your kids can use their talents. For example, your daughter like to do flowers and plants. Allow her to plan the design of your garden plot, help her realize her idea to life, praise her for her work. In so doing, your daughter not only learns a lot, but also greatly enhance their self-esteem. Most often, parents do their best for their children, do not trust them responsible work, and instruct them to only primitive or routine activities (bring, bring, put, …).