Heymountain Cosmetics Now Available

Online shop now multilingual in german and English for worldwide supply. Stuttgart (rk) Heymountain cosmetics is a young, unconventional cosmetics company that shows now also international flag. The urschwabische company developed its witty, natural products on the Swabian Alb and was run over by own success last a bit. For a while the young, vibrant company had to make significant pull-ups and go extra shifts around the clock to meet the rapidly growing demand from all over Europe. After the Heymountain team could strengthen vigorously in recent times, we have the capacity, to vigorously continue ride on track for success. Recently, also the English-language Web site Heymountain is on the net.

All cosmetic products such as natural soaps, bath additives (pleasantly, bath balls, bath pearls, bath) face masks, face creams, body creams, hand creams, Fusscremes, Coldcreams, massage bars, skin conditioner, Lippenbalms, body scrubs,. Shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, and perfumes are described now in English and can be ordered in English. Heymountain is not just cosmetic. The team has pretty high standards to itself, and thus were so far 200 products all designed in the House itself and manufactured. All Heymountain products are vegetarian.

Almost all products are even vegan, with some exceptions, in which honey or milk is used. All Heymountain cosmetic products are preservative-free, i.e. they contain no synthetic preservatives, which are increasingly as a trigger for intolerances and allergies. Heymountain works although very close to nature as you can see very easily based on the ingredients that are almost all BDIH are compliant, but the team attaches great importance, known as pure natural beauty not to be. The reason for this is that Heymountain relies mainly on natural scents from essential oil blends but also won’t renounce the fun factor want, resulting from allergen-free synthetic fragrances such as pineapple. In addition, you love at Heymountain the products with food colors colourful to shape it. Responsible / press contact: Anna Krautter