Health Care Sector Takes

Greater dissatisfaction in relation to services and prices is about the German health system, so the opinions are divided. While some applaud the good social balance compared to other countries, others criticize the increasing membership fees and the decreasing scope. The finance portal reported on the results of the survey the Continentale. The Continentale study to the statutory health insurance has existed since 2001. This year, again worse satisfaction ratings were for the first time in seven years.

Thus one-third (36 percent) of Germans with the services of legal insurance is good unhappy. Prices almost half (47 percent) of respondents is unjustified. The corresponding figures were respectively 44 per cent in the previous year 32. Experts make especially the rising costs as reasons for the greater discontent. Examples of this are among others the practice fee and additional contributions. Although could be spoken by a turnaround, such Development is not unlikely. Few Germans believe that the German health care system in the future will improve.

Over three quarters of respondents consider it indeed likely that health insurance companies can no longer guarantee a comprehensive medical care, or feel this already at this stage. Most respondents (85 percent) consider the private insurance as the only option for comprehensive health care. The costs already incurred to the extent, cause discomfort for many members of statutory health insurance however. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann