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OP-Marathon must survive six so that he can get running to Munich. Jonny Drubig from Leipzig came with incorrectly formed hip and greatly shortened thigh bone to the world. He could neither sit nor run. Thanks to multiple the age of six has grown well operations that were financed through donations to the German life bridge. Jonny parents would not pay the expensive treatments.

“We were very surprised and happy with the help of many,” says Jonny mother Sandra Drubig. Jonny learned to run after the first surgery and go even without prostheses. But his diseased bone may not grow in the wrong direction. To prevent this, the American specialist Dr. Dror Paley Jonny operated again together with Dr.

Sean Nader, the Chief of Pediatric orthopaedics at the treatment centre Vogtareuth on March 2, 2010. Without the surgery, there is the danger that Jonny can no longer go. After the five-hour procedure, the brave boy must spend six long weeks in a bed of gypsum. This is a hard time for Jonny and his parents, but then he will learn to walk again. Sandra Drubig is grateful for the donations: “We are very glad that we could give our son the treatment and save a life in a wheelchair or lying to him.” Also Dr. Nader is confident: “the bones are by this operation grow better, but not normal. We will need to perform later a few operations. But the tendons grow normally. He is able to run, and probably even very good. “Jonny itself has a major goal in mind: on his first day of school in August he would run without dentures and help.” Is the third surgery in the autumn, because then, Dr. Paley must again correct the leg. But the support of the American specialist is costly. Jonny is dependent on your donations. Now the little Jonny with fundraising and moral support for three years the German life bridge accompanied before and after the operations. Much has been made, but the goal has not been reached. More operations must be financed. Please help, that Jonny can run as an adult without help. Commerzbank, Dresdner Bank / donations: German life bridge account. 300 100 300 BLZ 700 800 00 key word Jadeja