Divine Child

Arqutipo professor/pupil and arqutipo of the custodian-wounded one Is possible to relate arqutipo professor/pupil with some mitolgicas figures: the first one of them is the Divine Child. The myth is characterized by a child, with a miraculoso birth and an extremely adverse infancy, with abandonment and persecutions, but that he would be the great rescuer of the world (as Jesus and Heracles). Of this form we can associate ' ' polar region criana' ' of arqutipo of the professor to the emergency of the new, the potential future, the certainty of growth and development. The divine child is pursued by being carrying of great potential of knowledge and being able that it was a threat for the kings. In the same way the professor is pursued by ' ' poderosos' ' of today, therefore he will pass the knowledge for more people, opening to it the eyes and extending its conscience. Another mitolgica figure is Ssifo. Greek is about a personage of mythology who, for having deceived the death for two times, receives as punishment, after its death for oldness, the task to roll an immense rock until the high one of a mountain.

When it is the point to reach the peak, the rock rolls slope below, having the soul of Ssifo to repeat this work for all the eternity. In this myth the scope of the repetition is emphasized. The wire is about the daily routine of the professor, happening again itself per years: same the subjects, the same intelligent questions, the same questions not so intelligent, mountains of works and tests to correct. The repetition so dramatical symbolized by the myth is necessary for the creative activity. ' ' The obligatoriness of the repetition is the challenge to the creativity in the scope of repetio' '. (Kast, 1992, p.19). The professor will have to use of its creative capacity to pass the same contents every year as many pupils how much they will be necessary.