Dead Sea Mineral Cosmetics

The word 'sea' always causes a lot of positive emotions. It is not surprising, since it is often there and are most welcome week vacation. Apart from the fact that the sea gives you such things as freedom, freshness, sometimes even fulfillment of dreams, it is also a source of vast amounts of nutrients that are able to return to health. This refers to any salt water, but the Dead Sea in this respect is even greater potential. This it owes its location – the lowest point the Earth's surface. Therefore, the sea receives nutrients through the hot springs and freshwater springs flowing into his pool. They then contain the main dignity of the Dead 'doctor' – mineral mud. Their Curative property has been known for so long that even the queen Cleopatra enjoyed these beneficial substances to maintain its beauty.

Indeed, in addition to treatment joint diseases and trauma, the Dead Sea is the 'doctor' of skin diseases. Hence the extensive use of it in cosmetic products. Is no exception and the company 'DeSheli'. Including in the composition of their products only the components of natural origin, she paid special attention on the healing properties of mud. Its application is found in anti-cellulite Firming gel of a series of 'Crystal youth pro age' for girls under 35 and 'Crystal youth anti age' cosmetic set for more mature women as well as in cleansing mud mask of the same lines. The advantage of using proteins and minerals from the Dead Sea in the make-up observed due to the processes, stimulating blood circulation, normalizing keratinization processes in the epidermis and regulates metabolic processes in the dermis.