With these words I am trying to explain that through these altered states of consciousness, the person comes in contact with an expanded awareness that is not limited by the body and identification with a belief and you can earn a lot of wisdom itself. To the person is very important to recover its evolutionary pattern. Since this state can see what time has evaded its responsibility, has made mistakes or left things to be, because everything that we have not faced or solved, we have not repeated and re-submitted until the person learns the lesson that there were implicit that situation. One of the most exciting moments of the past life regression is when the person relives his death, leaves his physical vehicle and recover a state of consciousness, from which a review of his past life and understand their failures and successes. From that state of consciousness plans and accept new conditions of life, with specific situations that allow you to learn what was left pending. Recall This understanding is crucial to have a broader perspective and perhaps significant to what had been regarded as a conflict and not an opportunity for growth. Many people have undergone regressive therapy without trying to solve any particular problem and have come greatly benefited by the mere fact of losing the fear of death, to feel that we are not judge or condemn us for our mistakes and above all to come into contact with a wonderful light that they identified as a source of absolute and unconditional LOVE. Because in addition to being able to recognize characters from past lives to people who are now also in his present life, having solved the problems and understand why certain events, the aroma of being in contact with something wonderful that usually accompanies loves us unconditionally these people the rest of their lives, offering them a different perspective than they had previously about what is life itself. Edited by Cristina San Miguel in the journal MEMORANDUM, 1997.