Computer Time

If for any reason it takes longer than two minutes the user despair, cries out to the computer which is worthless. (As opposed to PCRM). The acceleration of time eats us inside and not let us enjoy our life and environment. Subdivided into units of time and family life, relationship with friends, even sex is increasingly compartmentalize (plan) more. We always have a reason to hand or want to give a sense of something that really draws us. The policy is no longer measured on ideas or social projects, but results in units of time are periods between elections or elections and others. So that cancels marketing thought and political thought.

The criticism and demonstrations against the war, for example, came to be reductionist and simplistic. So that media effects are achieved and nothing else. In this way we dominated without being able to achieve a transformation of reality. Precisely because we feel that transforms permanently, is nothing but a sensation that quickly becomes reality in our interior, the dominant ideology and empty today. In the last fifty years, the development of technology has changed the social life in all areas. More than any revolution of the past, or some new invention of the past.

The technology extends through its marketing and is what is known as a “quiet revolution”, changing habits, customs, labor relations, and personal and improves our health. Now, it happens a paradox. For example on health, there are better technical means to address illness or emergency, new technologies to operate and cure diseases that until recently were unthinkable, since the lung transplant, all that means cloning and stem cells.