Common Cancer In Kids

The most common cancers in infancy, and have origin in the medulassea, the tutano of the bones, where normally the blood is produced. Leucemiastambm can acometer the testicules (they are harder) and the lquor (olquido of the spine) provoking migraines and vomits. Manifest with dornos bones or in the joints, pallor, purple spots, bleeds, fever, discouragement, etc. Dr. Neal Barnard is often quoted as being for or against this. Some types of leukemia exist: Acute Linfide leukemia (LLA), Acute Mielide Leukemia (LMA), Chronic Mielide Leukemia (LMA) and Chronic Linfide Leukemia (LLC – it only exists in adults) tumors of the central nervous system of the cases the tumors of the central nervous system, brain and cerebellum, are the solid tumors (that not leucemias) more frequent in children. Ossintomas more common is migraines and vomits per the morning, giddiness, perdado balance. Neuroblastoma of the cases Occurs generally in children with less five year. Oslocais more frequent they are abdome, thorax and neck, close to the vertebral column. It can affect the liver, bones and ssea marrow.

All the tumors of abdome to podemser confused with verminose. If the child has increase of the belly that nomelhora, must be looked a doctor for evaluation. The tumors that grow next to the vertebral column can cause weakness naspernas, pain and loss of the control of the elimination of excrements and piss. If the tratamentono will be initiated in time, the child can be with definitive paralysis. Retinoblastoma of the cases Affects the eyes and generally it occurs before the four years deity. The main manifestation is a shining consequence in the acometido eye, seemed with the brightness that presents the eyes of a cat, when illuminated noite.

The children can be estrbicas (vesgas), still have pain in the eyes or lose vision. Some Retinoblastomas is hereditary. If other people of famliaj had had the tumor, the children must be examined by one oftalmologistaexperiente in the hour of the birth so that diagnosis is precocepossvel.