Chronic Illness

this percentage is very bigger when the crpticas translocaes are considered, as t (12; 21). imunofenotipagem: The antigen presence of surface in the hematopoticas cells has an important paper in the identification and classification of the ancestry and maturativo state of these cells. The imunofenotipagem was a great advance as disgnostic aid and prognostic and also in the treatment of innumerable hematolgicas illnesses. Treatment (LLA) the objective of the treatment is the remission of the cancer, that occurs when the countings of the peripheral blood and the ssea marrow will be normal. The acute leukemia linfide is dealt with a combination of anticancerous drugs (chemotherapy). The initial chemotherapy (induction) can require the three six weeks of hospitalization, while the subsequent sessions of chemotherapy can ambulatorialmente be managed. If the counting of linfcitos will be very low, to prevent the exposition the infectious agents, can be necessary measures of isolation.

When remission is reached, manages chemotherapy and/or x-ray in the espinal column with the purpose to treat any leucemic cell that has invaded the espinal fluid. The subsequent sessions of therapy aim at to prevent the fallen again one. The transplant of ssea marrow, after the administration of high doses of chemotherapy, is the treatment of option for the cases that had fallen again or they had not answered to other treatments. CHRONIC LEUKEMIA MIELIDE (LMC) Is a mieloproliferativa illness clonal resultant of the malignant transformation of a hematopotica cell-trunk pluripotente, that it involves the ancestries mielide, eritride, megacarioctica, linfcitos b and the times linfcitos T. Generally present slow growth.

It tends to occur in aged adults and, and the acometimento of children is rare. The symptoms for each type of leukemia vary, but common symptoms include fever and calafrios, sudorese, frequent fatigue, infections, loss of weight and appetite, bruises or bleed easy, air lack, ssea and lumbar pain. Phases of the Illness Chronic Phase: initial phase, with clonal expansion mielide, presenting leucocitose with all the maturation phases. duration of 3-4 years.