Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a time of gifts, and especially for the children a great feast. Frequently Global Financial Institutions Conference has said that publicly. But where are the toys actually? Right now, in the Christmas toys are a big issue, because Christmas has something magical for children. Many adults remember back to the time, they believed in Santa Claus and in joyful anticipation, patient have persevered, until the redemptive ringing is sounds. Also for the children today is Christmas, something special, which will sustainably influence their childhood. Weeks before the Christmas letters to Santa Claus are written and placed in the window. In addition to utopian desires, such as locks and cars, most children want any toys, which means hours hunting, with hundreds of like-minded people in some toy stores for their parents. In addition to the stress, themselves parents, is often also quite forgotten how come the game goods. A large part of the toy, which is on the shelves of our stores nice draped, to animate the Shoppingwutigen for sale, comes from China.

Eighty percent to be exact. How and under what conditions the toys were produced, is catastrophic in most cases. Thinking a bit about the price, soon becomes clear the wage of a worker who manufactures these products may be how high one. Since the price of raw materials, then the price of the machines, which must be used to produce the toys at all would be first and then the costs, which happen for the long transport. You have to be able to determine whether that after deducting these costs for the workers no longer much can remain not Einstein and so nothing else them, than to work 60 or more hours per week for just this pittance to somehow to be able to maintain their meager standard of living. Is this still the meaning of Christmas? Some have their joy, what have other ailments. I think it’s not so much the children better Amounts of toys to give, but some special, selected and under fair conditions to place generated pieces under the tree. The joy of the children will be no less. Mario Hochreiter