Childrens Hospital Dortmund

Together with “People for children”, the Dortmund Company obtains new youth room with computer and game console from Dortmund, Germany, December 17, 2009. The ComLine AG has donated a fully equipped PC, and a game console with different movement and Sports Clinic for Pediatrics and youth medicine of the Klinikum Dortmund. Thus, the Dortmund company supports the renovation of the children’s cancer ward and makes a contribution to a new youth room. ComLine donates each year to the initiative people for children”and has invested this year in consultation with the Organization a portion of money in the project of the children’s Hospital. Stephen Schilling, CEO of ComLine AG, head of child and adolescent medicine, Prof. Dr.

Dominik Schneider, as well as the Deputy Head of the game Island, Susanne Dobbelmann, presented before local computer and console with all necessary accessories. Prof. Dr. Schneider is pleased: “with the new game console get our small patients not just movement but have fun too. This is the best medicine.” For ComLine was it important to be able to support a local project with a donation. “As the Dortmund company the region is our of course very close to the heart. And if we can make a joy then children, this is doubly nice”, explains Stephen Schilling.