New Year is approaching, and every one of us, being at heart a little kid, waiting for it with anticipation, if not a miracle, the pleasant surprises. The search for gifts, holiday dinner and, of course, the traditional "Enjoy Your Bath". Classic Soviet cinema and the Mirror of Soviet life. Same house, three types of cases and five choices of kitchens across the country. And the lucky one who fell lucky ticket purchase "Czech wall. How long has it been? Today, the requirements Russians to the comfort and quality of life in an apartment / house has changed dramatically.

Manufacturers around the world represent the Russian market a wide selection of furniture and interiors for customers with diversified needs. For example, kitchen manufacturers are ready to consider the needs of particular client – working closely with the designers, they offer the organization of kitchen space on a turnkey basis. Same situation with the bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, canteens. A child's room? Unfortunately, our requests (requests for modern moms and dads), and the producers' proposals are not progressed much since the Soviet past. For our children, we continue to buy baby furniture: notorious set of objects (bed, wardrobe, desk-table), form and functionality that, unfortunately, have not changed. Today 90% of the proposals of Russian firms in the market of children's furniture do not meet Western environmental and functional requirements (furniture made in whole or in using DSP). And despite the fact that, above all, children need an "healthy" furniture (ie, made from environmentally friendly materials, harmless to health) and the proper organization of space. Children grow, change interests, hobbies, classes – and the children's room (not as a collection of furniture, as well as a well-organized space for life) is required each time correspond to a new phase of growth in the life of the little man.

Baby's room – a world in which he spends most of his time. At each age stage in a child there are new needs, opportunities, its waiting for new tests and related experiences. Today it is no secret that the well-organized space can stimulate the activity of the person or, conversely, helps to relax. Defined Organization of working area – to have their studies or develop dreaminess. A not insignificant role in influencing children's room interior on psychological well-played by his color scheme. Having access to search results Numerous studies in child psychology, pedagogy, the recommendations of Feng Shui, let's use them to create the room in which the child will grow and develop in harmony, and on which he will be remembered his whole life.