Certified Natural Cosmetics

Web shop offers natural and organic natural cosmetics is also 100prozent nature. Many manufacturers advertise the production of natural cosmetics. But what is a natural cosmetic product? The German nor in Europe this term is protected. This means that a product as natural cosmetics can be advertised if it partly consists largely or exclusively from natural, nature-identical or modified natural materials. Only the word natural cosmetics guaranteed no 100% equivalent natural content.

In addition, the consumers not blind can trust that all ingredients on the packaging are declared according to INCI. The declarable preservatives are governed by the KVO (cosmetics directive). “The preservative used is not listed, so the manufacturer can goods with no preservatives” or free of preservatives ‘ declare. This is a more than unsatisfactory circumstance, especially for allergy sufferers. A labelling requirement would be better here after agents, fillers and Preservatives. In the natural and organic sector, in which one wants to achieve higher prices, you notice already that the customer fooled no longer so easy can be and buys each cosmetic product offered him only because natural beauty is given on the label and it is just really cheap.

Here, some manufacturers rely more on seal of approval, which will be just the customer requirements, E.g. by award duty of preservatives, guidelines for the processing of raw materials and manufacturing of cosmetics, ban on animal testing, proof of origin of the raw material, controlled approval of raw materials, etc. Some seal admit only vegetable and mineral raw materials in the cosmetic product, others allow certain animal products.The webshop natural and organic characterised by, that the products offered conform only to certain seal of approval. It is extremely important to offer only products that also deserve to be called natural cosmetics the operators of natural and organic. This means that 100% natural in the Cosmetics product must be processed and also 100% work nature. The products are marked according to which label you are controlled. This consumer has a guide through the jungle of the natural cosmetics and can be in the context of the requirements of the label sure about the quality of the product. As the product range in this area is limited (not every manufacturer wishes to the manufacture of its products make the cards look) natural and organic strives to offer and complete range of such controlled natural cosmetics. Natural and organic of r Adams