CARRULIM By David Galeano Olivera Paraguayans

THE CARRULIM By David Galeano Olivera Paraguayans in August revive an old and revered tradition. Indeed, each beginning of August they say: a Agosto, Piru has Tuja vaka (guaigui) rerahahaa , which equals translated something like: a Agosto, the month that takes (the month in which die) the lean years and older . Niko eg opavave jaikova Jasypoapy Paraguaipe namoingovejey petei jepokuaa Tuja has opavave omombaa eguasuva. Anetehape, flipping jasypoapy onepyruvo evajepi a Agosto, Piru has Tuja vaka (a uaia ui) rerahahaa . To avert this maleficioa a is that every first day of August all Paraguayans comply with an ancient ritual, which involves taking a few sips (some a little more) of the mythical and actual carrulim, initial ca (cane), ru (rough) and lim (lemon).

The traditional preparation is the only you can get rid of all evil (including the death in August). Upevare, tera namombia uaicha ikatuhaa namboa Yke upe e vaiete MBAA, eg RA peteihame jasypoapy maymava jaisyrykuvaa was (michiminte jepe) petei e hekombareteva MBAA has herava Carrulim, hera Onoh pevango mbohapy MBAA Egui: ca (cane), ru (rough) has li (lemon). MBAA Ko e anoite Ikatu omboyke opaite MBAA e vai tera hekomarava ikatuva ojapyhy nande rete (umiva apytepe: hand). Moreover, also the first day of August, people have the habit of eating in the material, two species of poha nana (medicinal plants): agosto potty and the a pynoa Ia , so regular a sanguineoa fluid than in August, according to popular belief, is more aceleredo e intense and its a sintomasa the heat on the cheek and the ear (tuguy Pochy).