Buenos Aires

Ruth was born in a Jewish family. Four years older than her brother was always the favourite of his mother. Everything that the did was cause for celebration and adulation. On the other hand Ruth never listened to a greeting or a word of praise or a loving kiss. It was useless what he did for his liking. Nothing was important enough for his mother and give her a loving gesture. From very small she noticed this difference and was always like a cross that led to steep. A cross that no doubt, felt very heavy.

His father was a man wearing a double life. He had a family in Buenos Aires and the other in La Pampa and not paid them much attention never. He spent very little time with them and with his wife and that time was not just something very rewarding, because that pungent humour both to dent in the two children. I also used to get drunk often and when he returned from his spree by airs revoleaba everything what was in their path, including their children if stood on the road, by which the two used locked in the room to not have to endure it. Liked his brother equally physics than chemistry.

More than liking, arguably they such you. Used to do experiments on the instructions of a book and sometimes caused little damage, but his mother never bothered and never punished by them, was always a justification to excuse it. When was she that did something wrong, however small that was the thing, deserves a punishment. It is not that the mother hit her, he never used physical force, unless in very sporadic form a chirlo or a slap, but it prevented him from playing with their favorite toys, see programs that continued daily by television or go play at the House of a friend.