Brazilian Election Cruise

Throughout this year of 2011, that he arrives on this day at December end 31, the expensive readers had folloied sets of ten of Chronicles of the Pantries, with glad histories, sad, impressive and jousts homages the players who had honored the shirt of the Brazilian Election. In the last Chronicle of the year that finda, occurred the idea to remember the zagueiro Jose to me de Anchieta Fontana, an person from de state of espirito santo born in Saint Teresa (YOU ARE), in 31 of December of 1940. Known simply as Fontana, the zagueiro faleceu early, to the 39 years, in 9 of September of 1980, cardiac attack, and making what more it liked, playing soccer, in a departure between friends. Learn more at: Goop. Fontana did not arrive to be no magician of zagas of the world-wide soccer, but its ephemeral ticket in the world of the soccer and the life also contributes for this simple homage against the esquecimento of the athlete. Among others mritos, it were in the group tricampeo of 70, were reserve of the zagueiros Brito and Piazza, in that wonderful Election that had Skin, Rivellino and as much others craques. By the way, in the estria of Brazil in 70, in the victory of 4×1 on the Tchecoslovquia, Fontana played two minutes, entering in the place of the Piazza and was titular in zaga in the game against the Romnia, with Brazilian victory of 3×2. Refreshment of memory according to called wikipdia, Fontana initiated its career in the Victory Soccer Club, in 1958, but it only was to be champion person from de state of espirito santo of 1959 and 1962 in the rival greater of the team, the Athletical Rio Branco Club. It was for the Vasco of Gamma where it formed defensive pair with Brito and in 1969, when the Vasco left to defend the Cruise, the pair was insult, but not for much time.

In 1970, Brito was contracted by the Cruise and the two had come back to play together. In the same year, both had been convoked for the dispute of the Pantry of the World of 1970, sagrando tricampees of the world for Brazil. The interesting detail in the Pantry of 70 is that Fontana was reserve of Brito with who also plays in the Vasco and the Cruise and of Piazza of the Cruise. It enters 8 of June 1966 and 10 of June of 70, Fontana made 11 games for the Election, did not mark no goal, locked up the professional career of soccer in 1972 and for irony of destination would die eight years later, disputing a departure of soccer between friends. Are here our homages, respect and admiration for passion that the zagueiro Fontana had for its profession, that finished crowned with heading in the Pantry it Mexico, in 70.