To take its son to take a walk in the car can very be pleasant, however you cannot forget yourself always to place its son in cadeirinha of baby in accordance with the age and weight of the child. But child in the car is always dirt reason, after all they are always eating some thing and leaving the food to fall for all the sides. With this, cadeirinhas of baby costumam to be very dirty, on account of these remaining portions of food that the child leaves to fall even though on it or, depending on the age of its son, the dirty hands of food or the street who pass on cadeirinha. This can cause to the appearance and accumulation of fungos and bacteria that its son can lean and lead until the mouth and finish there passing badly. clearly that we on account do not want our sick son of an incautiousness, so that its son not pass badly, is necessary you to give attention in some things: The hygienic cleaning of cadeirinha in day leaves; It cleans it at least of six in six months; It washes cadeirinha with water and are neutral, can the same be used soap stops to wash the clothes of its baby, those of glycerin; It does not use products as alvejantes, disinfecting or any another product that can be toxic for its son. We recommend that the cleanness is made to each six months because to transfer much time the dirt can be impregnated in the fabric and not to leave more, making you to appeal to the use of stronger and toxic products, what it can not be a good option.