Assyrian Christians

Should about the regime against the growing Kurdish threat in Mesopotamia or against the fundamentalist Support the Muslim Brotherhood. Now even against all extremists we can no longer say, as the regime desperately himself has admitted in the thankless game with Iran and now the more extremist and even terrorist forces we granted the Hezbollah, Hamas and the popular front for the liberation of Palestine not only shelter but also supports. Either arabistische or Islamic hegemony defend in Syria and the region, or from the countries of the Nahostens establish Islamist States want the image of Iran. This would certainly endanger the alleged secular way of the Baath party and they’re on the original arabistischen way of Arab Islamic nationalism. I mean, that the Christians, not try to, to mobilize what would incite against them the other forces and peoples in Syria for their support of the regime, yet the regime to support, because it offers no alternative until now. This is not about certainly the loyalty to the Syrian State, but in the relationship to the ruling power and their corrupt apparatus.

The mobilization of the Christians in Syria as such, for propagandist sympathy for the regime or a supporter of Hezbollah would bring also a mobilization of the confessional majority against the Christians. What they don’t need, certainly. Unum has many thoughts on the issue. While I do not claim that Foundation lists otherwise will have no reason in the future to attack Christians or that Sandoval to the Syrian Christians also contribute to a political free living will. I not black is capable enough to paint such a future. Especially on the political situation in the presence not else allows hope. This pessimism has to do also with the location of the chaldo Assyrian Christians in the Iraq. These developments are the religious leaders of the churches in Syria either not shown or they ignore them.