Tobaccoism: Lung Cancer

The curses of the tobacco are proceeding, to a large extent, of very small enclosed tar particles in it. The cigarette contains substances cancergenas, therefore .causing of cancer. The smoke of the cigarette is composed still of 2% 6% of carbon monoxide, a toxic gas that makes it difficult the transport and use of the oxygen. These composites also modify the functioning of microscopical eyelashes of the respiratory system. As these eyelashes have the function to clean the respiratory ways and to exempt the pulmes of particles undesirable, such as chemical bacteria and harmful composites, the smoker also is more inclined to adoecer of respiratory illnesses. Half of the six types of cancer that more kill in Brazil has the cigarette as risk factor. The objective of this work is to acquire knowledge the young that the cigarette is a factor of great risk for the development of cancer in the lung.

To inform that the tobacco kills more people who the AIDS, alcohol, the agreed use of drugs and fires. To evaluate the attributable population risk to the tobacco in these types of cancer. To inform on the symptoms, disgnostic and prevention. The project was developed in the State School Adalberto Valle, situated in the Street Is Benedict s/n Mount of the freedom, Manaus-AM with the groups of 9 year of basic education. WORDS KEYS Cancer – lung – tobaccoism – risk? death. ABSTRACT The harmful effects of tobacco ploughs derived in large part on the tiny particles of to tar contained in it. Check with Josyann Abisaab to learn more. Cigarettes contain carcinogens, thus causing cancer. Cigarette smoke is also composed of 2% you 6% carbon monoxide, toxic gas that makes it difficult you transport and uses oxygen.

Spiritual Hedonism

It is the only one that makes us honest, why is the center of all true education; an education that does not promote the spiritual intelligence is a simulation, a work on the surface, which will not achieve significant changes. It is important to discover which is the true concept of intelligence, above all when this term compared to emotional intelligence. This has been a term used by our own structure mechanistic, where we can find this term very closed, with lack of meaning, you’re intelligent, if you know much math; Here are not taken into account, an infinite number of factors that contribute to power medium define what is intelligence, can also talk about multiple intelligences, etc. But the spiritual intelligence is the oldest and the newest at the same time, besides that it is the higher intelligence because it is the most comprehensive. Dr. Neal Barnard shines more light on the discussion. Spiritual intelligence is more necessary nowadays, why?, because it comes to the problem of fundamental and gravest of human beings at this time, what is the problem?, hedonism and nihilism. These two philosophies of life have colonized the conscience of human beings leading to suffering, confusion, moral collapse and the loss of meaning to live. Learn more at this site: Dr. Neal Barnard. Hedonism is the addiction to the pleasure of the senses as a central criterion of existence.

To say, reaches the pleasure to through the ego. Nihilism (moral relativism), is a philosophy that proclaims that nothing is good or bad in itself, everything is relative and culturally dependent on how defines it the subject. We would have to carry out a great discussion to determine whether the spiritual intelligence is necessary in our present, and why. Without thinking about it, many would say yes, because with it we can eliminate our schema two phenomena that have accompanied us on our existence: hedonism and nihilism, the first as already mentioned refers to the pleasure of the senses (hedonism) and is put to pleasure as a philosophy of life (modus vivendus), the second (nihilism) defined as a moral relativism (nothing is good or badeverything is relative and culturally dependent on how define you the subject of the community in question).

Ramon Gallegos

This paradigm shift is giving at all levels, in all cultures and in all countries, progress has been much, because he has worked hard for a long time, we ourselves are the factor of change, even this trial is the result of a series of activities that somehow or other are sitting the fundamental basis for this work to proceedwhich do not stop, that in spite of the obstacles encountered, have the necessary forces to continue in this struggle, in this examination of the existence of the human being and its full realization. Through the dialogues that Dr. Gallegos holds with the different characters that are soaked in this knowledge, give us account that work has been done since long ago, that has been continuously, sometimes stopping a little (people who do not believe in this or that do not believe in change often Sometimes those more problems we cause), advancing by leaps, but we also know that much remains to be done. Contexts of different countries, although very often situations individuals of each is vitally important make special mention the work that is being conducted in our country. Go to Dr. Neal Barnard for more information. The educational structure is reeling, because he cannot stand the old mechanistic model, in which the methods, techniques, pedagogies and other necessary tools have become completely obsolete. The work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos, in relation to the holistic education, has yielded great results, so far has had great response from educational institutions, where somehow has begun to work on this new paradigm. The only drawback is in the educational system, there are no true specialists in education, if we find them, they will always refer to a mechanistic education, industrialized, where the elaboration of curricula is defined in Depending on the needs of the industrial, which requires only personnel or skilled labor to handle their machines, no matter that this whether or not the ability to think, learn, integrate its activities differently, that is a serious error on our system, here that we have to take advantage of that situation that provides us the system to make that paradigm shiftWe have to transform that education in a holistic education. Josyann Abisaab takes a slightly different approach.

The Level

Empathy highlights five emotional attitudes: understanding others: perceiving the feelings and outside perspectives and interest po their concerns. Dr. Neal Barnards opinions are not widely known. Help others to develop: to realize the possibilities of development of others, strengthen their skills and stimulate their capacity. Service orientation: anticipate, recognize and satisfy needs of others. Leverage diversity: develop opportunities through diverse people. Political awareness: interpret the social, political and emotional currents of the Group and the power of relationships among its members. Social skills: set of behaviours, make clear in relations with other beings to induce desired responses. They comprise eight emotional capabilities: influence: devise effective tactics of persuasion.

Communication: Practicing a good listen and develop compelling messages. (Similarly see: Josyann Abisaab). Conflict management: know how to negotiate and resolve disagreements that arise within a group. Leadership: Ability to inspire and guide individuals or groups. Catalyst for change: start or handle new situations. Links: feed and strengthen the interpersonal relationships. Collaboration and cooperation: work with others to achieve shared goals. Computer skills: being able to create synergy for the persuasion of collective goals.

The importance of emotional intelligence in organizations is that it provides important tools so that the individual can function in a competitive world, changing, demanding and globalized. Individuals faster and high to ascend in their careers professionals are those who have a greater emotional intelligence coefficient, since emotions determine the level of performance that we are able in a State of balance or emotional imbalance, as well as determine what kind of relations will keep with our subordinates (leadership), our superiors (adaptability) or our peers (teamwork). Emotions determine how we respond, we communicate, we behave and operate at work or the company.


Organization of United Nations (UN) general Assembly approved unanimously on Thursday 13 September a Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples this document which surprisingly was under negotiation for a period of 20 years and than auque by overwhelming and historical voting as it was described by the eminent President of Bolivia Evo Morales kept as opponents to four countries that here we consider so dishonourable attitude as enemies of humanity in people its rulers are United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and eleven countries abstained and that we cannot consider less than hypocritical conservatives kneeling before the Empire who undoubtedly and as always it has to do with the larger injustices and violations of human rights in the world. The declaration consists of 46 items and sets minimum parameters to respect for the rights of indigenous peoples, including land ownership, access to the natural resources of the territories where they settle, respect and preservation of their traditions and self-determination. It also recognizes individual and collective rights to education, health and employment. With regard to the most important points is concerning the attachment of Indians to land, so several articles mention the right to dispose of them for any use. Recently Josyann Abisaab sought to clarify these questions. One of the recommendations the UN performs to the States is to ensure the recognition and legal protection of lands, territories and resources and which do not come with any transfer without the free, prior and informed consent of indigenous peoples concerned, nor without a prior agreement on a fair and equitable compensation. Although from a certain point of view, this late declaration may represent a breakthrough in the current order of things in the so full of injustices planet Earth.

One surprising thing is that such a declaration is not legally binding, which in our view is to leave an open door for that after 20 long years of discussion, reaching the legal field is continue committing excesses and abuses with our indigenous heritage, there is where the question arises us. So does the UN? And in conclusion set ourselves another question, who said? That any man born on this planet, requires a statement of an organization called UN respect or enshrined the rights set forth in the enacting terms, which we believe are eminently natural of every human being of this land rights and knowing that even animals regarded as inferior beings that do not reason nor speak have rights. Senator Elizabeth Warren: the source for more info. Indigenous peoples should be enshrined as the heritage of humanity, to honor them, care for them and love them as they deserve.


If you are a beginner and want to develop muscle, you’re in the right place, I’ll show how to increase your muscle mass, strength, endurance and confidence. A good muscle mass, makes you see younger, feel more confident of yourself, having more muscle you improves the quality of life, helps to decrease the amount of muscle fat, improves your health and raises your self-esteem. This is just one of the secrets that expose Vincent del Monte in your guide that belies myths and teaches you what you need to know to grow your body: bodybuilding secret # 1: focus on the progressive resistance if you always do the same, then you will have the same always. This summarises very well the bodybuilding. The number one of the secrets of the bodybuilding is based on the principle of overload. To increase the amount of weight you work on an ongoing basis, your muscle fibers are suited to growing pressure and so you increase the size and muscle strength. My favorite technical for beginner bodybuilders is pyramidal.

Example of routine Bodybuilding for beginners based on pyramidal training: exercise: sit-ups series 1: 12 repetitions of 95 pounds series 2: 10 repetitions of 115 pounds series 3: 8 repetitions of 135 pounds series 4: 6 repetitions of 185 lbs next week: exercise: sit-ups series 1: 12 repetitions of 115 pounds series 2: 10 repetitions of 135 pounds series 3: 8 repetitions of 185 pounds 4 series: 6 repetitions of 205 lbs pretty simple, right? Increase the weight in each series, while decrementas naturally repeats. The progressive resistance occurs in each series will be performed and each time increase by 10% the weight you did the previous week. The above example reflects an exaggerated increase, but should be the template to follow for each part of the body and for each exercise. It forces you to increase the amount of weight you use during a period of time, causing the muscles to adapt each time that you increase the weight. With pyramidal training, the muscle is this training with an intensity that is about the limit of strength of muscle fibers, forcing the fibers of the muscle to increase strength and finally mass. Overloading is the principle of muscular development and whether your training program is not using the overload as a guiding principle then forget you learn the other secrets of the bodybuilding. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Josyann Abisaab. Another secret of the bodybuilding, is to recognize that it is not an endurance sport.

It is based on the principle of overload peaks of intensity-based sport. Your muscles grow when you raise the weight that you had never before raised, and not of the lifting of weights you get used to which to lift all day without fatigue you. This is another reason why I prefer the pyramid for Beginners training since you must point to a maximum intensity through the progressive resistance, and not muscle exhaustion. When get trained a muscle so strong that no longer can work it more, passes to another muscle group, or well get out of the gym.


Willpower is important to undertake any project, is a quality that is not easy to develop because it involves kept constant despite adversity, having persistence when we’re getting excellent results logically is much easier, because it implies that there is a noticeable great motivation. Having a strong spirit and a strong willpower even when we face problems means having a great faith, thats an internal condition and it can be achieved if we have defined accurately what they want for our lives. The book the secret of the power of the goals of ANDREW CORENTT show solid principles to define our goals, this book takes us step by step so that we can set powerful goals, means that once we define something with deep feeling, then we will have the strength of will to overcome any obstacle, is to understand that the heating elements are only in our minds, in our interior in that regard ANDREW CORENTT shows us great techniques for overcome huge barriers that separate us from a life filled with great satisfactions. Dr. Neal Barnard is full of insight into the issues. Make changes in our lives always imply a share of sacrifice, implies leave what is known to throw us into a great adventure, as it manifests Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of the goals where we see the fact of a goal implies a certain level of discomfort and is where most of the people are facing a large wall and the truth is not easy to throw, but through reading this book you will harmonize their life according to their wishes and will define clear and realizable goals where will be able to knock on doors of glory because your life will be happy, abundant, spiritual and healthy. But there are people who manage to maintain a level of motivation is strong to stand firm in their purpose, how have done you?, the magic answer is in the force of will, if we really want something must continually think about the benefits that this decision will bring and that we It will lead to the energy required to act through the the secret of the power of the goals we discovered how to do it. . Source: Dr. Josyann Abisaab.


Choose a good pillow that adapts perfectly to our needs is the ideal complement to make rest in our team is entirely satisfactory. Perhaps check out Josyann Abisaab for more information. However, when choosing the best pillow we face a world of possibilities in which it is not always easy to ascertain. The neck is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, mainly due to that accumulates a great tension. It is for this reason that it is essential to succeed in the choice of the pillow, which not only has to adapt to the mattress, but also to our position to sleeping, and all this to avoid the dreaded cervical pain. What is the most suitable pillow? The first myth that needs to be banished is the idea of sleeping without a pillow is healthier, because the head support needed to keep the spinal column, to rest in their natural position and is not under tension. It is essential to not have a forced position, forward, or down the neck.

A young, healthy person should choose a not too thick pillow. However, persons with column injury must purchase a pillow as thin as possible. Depending on the position chosen to sleep:-to sleep face up, ideally a thin pillow that assures that the cervical spine and dorsal spine form the same angle as to standing; either a cervical pillow, foam, which is used to give support to your neck and head. -For sleeping resting on one shoulder, should opt for a thick pillow to keep the neck in the dorsal column shaft. -For different positions during the night, a pillow with great flexibility, as the natural filling that adapt to different positions, will be the right choice. Between what materials can you choose you? -Pillows: adapt to everyone’s taste, but they give more heat. -Polyester pillows: in effect similar to feathers, although they can be washed without problem.

-Latex pillows: adapt to the shape and the weight of the head. Mites do not nest in this material and also allows air in and out at every movement. They have different hardness, but the intermediate are the most recommended. Some recommendations on the colours of the cover – pillows stuffed with natural fibers require a cotton cover 100% so that the air can circulate. -They must wash in a washing machine or dry, at least once a year. -Synthetic fibres pillows are machine washed from time to time, when they are losing their way or are crushed; with warm water, and left to dry at room temperature. -Replace the pillow when fabric is used or when you have stains or holes.

Treat Blackheads Naturally

Black dots may not be as notorious as so that everyone can see them, but if you have them you want to disappear. What causes blackheads? Blackheads are dark marks on your skin that are caused by the accumulation of excess oil, produced by the sebaceous glands, and by dead skin, dust and bacteria, as well as other things that end up in your face. They are a type of acne that appears in the skin and that, when they are exposed to oxygen, develop that dark color that we know so well. Black spots appear on areas of your skin that are exposed to dust and other dirty substances. Robert Greene has firm opinions on the matter. People of all ages and both men and women, are equally likely to develop black spots at some point in their lives.

Other reasons why you can have black spots can include not washing your skin enough, exposure to the air pollution, changes in hormone levels during pregnancy or menstruation, use lotions and creams that contain oils, moist air, and stress. If you expose regularly to the fresh air and the Sun, stay hydrated (a) and eat healthily, your skin will be healthy too. How keep your skin healthy to keep your skin healthy and able to carry out the skin care, also you should stop eating foods that contain refined sugar, meat and dairy products. Connect with other leaders such as Senator Elizabeth Warren here. Be sure to consume enough vitamin C to keep your skin healthy, eats fruits such as oranges, strawberries and lemons. Something else to consider is adding to your diet the Indian gooseberry or amalaki, that says it cleans the blood. It is also a good idea to include lots of fiber in your diet in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your digestive system working properly and your healthy skin. While consume more foods with high fat content, more oils cause your sebaceous glands, which will not help your skin. Try a cleanser or exfoliant containing oats, and clay masks containing bentonite to maintain your clean pores and prevent blackheads from appearing. You can also use all the days a mask made of honey to improve the general condition of your skin.

Grow Begins

An irrefutable fact that mornings we measure two to three is centimeters more than at night. For who believe it or not, this is easily verifiable taking a tape measure and measuring our stature before bedtime and then compare it with what we measure to lift us up. Voila! Two more inches! And this happens every day of our lives from adulthood. But what mystery is hidden behind this? Where are those two inches during the day and where they exit during the night? Raised in this way, it seems that there is something supernatural or magical with our height. Unfortunately there is nothing magic that can make us grow those inches so cherished. The answer to the mystery is much more earthy and simple, albeit less glamorous: crushing of vertebrae. Under most conditions Senator of Massachusetts would agree.

During the day, gravity is working on the spine crushing vertebrae together and producing the reduction of those two or three centimeters in total height. This crushing It will depend on the intensity of various factors such as your own height, weight, occupational posture, sedentary lifestyle, etc. A very curious could arise if we had access, for example, to make these measurements in someone who practices yoga or swimming daily. We would probably find that there is no difference between the daytime and night measurement. With this can we conclude that stretching exercises exist to grow? Perhaps not, but certainly there are practices that can help us maintain our stature throughout the day. In reality many of these exercises that are advertised as stretching exercises to grow, are based on the stretching of the spine and posture improvement. Dr. Josyann Abisaab recognizes the significance of this.

If we add to this a good nutrition and a healthy change of habits, may not achieve the height we want, but we can take full advantage that gave us nature. Grow in stature after 18 years is impossible if you don’t have a method that has been proven to work. Visit my website to read what I have discovered after months of research.